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This Great Quiet Week of Holiday Weather Continues for the NYC Area!

Clouds and Sun Continues as the Weather is Pleasingly Uneventful!

Good Morning,

With a high pressure system expected to maintain its control of the weather pattern during

the next few days, the weather through the Thanksgiving Day holiday should remain dry... That's a

given... But, you can obviously notice on the infrared satellite imagery early this morning that

some high, thin clouds pressing across the Midwest are headed our way... There's an impulse of

jet stream energy that is causing a few widely separated showers in areas surrounding the Great

Lakes, but these are not expected to reach the Northeast or the mid-Atlantic states this afternoon

or tonight... Instead, we'll have some sun today that will be dimmed by high clouds, and this could

prevent the temperature from getting out of the 40s in many places... But, the surface winds out of

the northeast will still be rather light today and will remain light through tomorrow...

So, for those who are going to be traveling by plane, train or automobile over the next 48 hours,

the weather couldn't be much more cooperative in the Eastern Region... There is still a low

pressure system that is located well off shore that is causing a few showers and a gusty breeze

along the North Carolina Coast, but even this is not having any impact on the I-95 corridor... After

examining our temperature forecasts for both Thanksgiving Day and Friday, we've made a few

downward adjustments -- but none of them have been trimmed by more than three or four

degrees... The previous thinking was that temperatures east of the Appalachians on Friday

afternoon could make a run at 60 degrees before the next cold front arrives... While that still isn't

entirely out of the question because there will be winds primarily out of the west and southwest,

there aren't any global models which show numbers quite this high... So, we'll begin to "back

pedal away from" the concept that Friday can get this warm...

The second half of the long, holiday weekend will bring with it the slight chance for a shower on

Saturday, and a stepping down into a seasonably chillier air mass... Even though most places

along the I-95 corridor on Saturday will still manage to reach the lower or middle 50s, it will

probably start to turn chillier by day's end... Pinning down the exact timing and location of this

front which will arrive either on Friday night or Saturday will ultimately determine that...

Sunday and Monday, most temperatures will be no higher than the 40s... Have a good day!!!

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