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Still A Few Sprinkles, Cool & Windy as Sandy Slowly Exits!

Two More Days of Sandy With SUnny & Chilly Weather on the Way.

Good Morning,

We're playing up the fact that there'll be some sunny intervals today, since these managed to

materialize yesterday across much of the area... The sky cover early this morning, on average, is

partly cloudy and most temperatures are starting off in either the lower or middle 40s... This first

day of November will bring temperatures which are slightly below the seasonal averages, but still

most of them will be in the 50s this afternoon... The ideas we had talked about yesterday,

especially those regarding the fact that there'll still be plenty of residual moisture in the mid levels

of the atmosphere, still hold true today... But, with some drier air originating from Virginia and the

Carolinas successfully being able to spread out across the mid-Atlantic states and even southern

New England, the sun will be out for at least part of the time...

Actually, while we've been carrying the mention of a spotty shower in our forecast continuity for

today, there is some stronger sentiment in the office now that the chances will be somewhat

greater tomorrow (Friday)... This doesn't mean that there'll be any excessive rain or flooding, but

the 'shower in spots' can be attributed to a fairly potent disturbance which will be diving out of the

north and west... This impulse of strong energy in the jet stream may be able to provide enough

vertical lifting to cause some shower activity to break out -- especially tomorrow afternoon...

But, for those who are still waiting for power to be restored, and for the ongoing efforts to clean up

after one of the costliest storms in U.S. history, there shouldn't be any wind or rain that would

hinder the hard work that lies ahead...

There will be a breeze tomorrow, which will average 12-25 mph in the afternoon, and also

Saturday's winds could gust to near 25 or perhaps even 30 miles per hour... But, these wind

speeds are nothing out of the ordinary for early in November... And, while afternoon temperatures

will average some 2-4 degrees lower/cooler over the weekend -- most locations will still manage to

get back to or slightly past 50 both days...

We talked a bit yesterday about a wave of low pressure that is going to develop in the Plains states

late on Friday night or early Saturday... It still appears that this body of low pressure will be

tracking well to the south of the Mason-Dixon Line next Sunday night and Monday... Therefore,

even though we may have some clouds Sunday night and Monday (especially early in the day), it

appears that the rain will be confined to areas well to the south... With the upper level trough

maintaining its mean position over the Northeast, temperatures will average a few degrees below

normal next week... Have a good day!!!

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