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Sandy's Leaves One Last Kiss Goodbye.

Winds Will Pick Up Again as Sandy Moves North to Canada!

Good Morning,

A chilly and rather cloudy start to the day across the Tri-State Area will also bring a spotty

shower to parts of the mid Atlantic states and the Northeast, especially this afternoon... As an

impulse of jet stream energy dives southeastward out of the Great Lakes today, there should be

enough vertical lifting to bring a shower to some locations... Not everyone will see them, and the

rain shouldn't last for very long... But, because of the extensive clouds, temperatures should be no

higher than the lower or middle 50s this afternoon... The low pressure system that was once

"Sandy" really isn't going to be the culprit here -- that is located in central Quebec now, and it is

barely discernible... Instead, this parcel of energy rotating through a large, upper trough originated

in central Canada (Alberta/Manitoba), and it will have the capability of at least causing some


There should be partial clearing tonight, and it will be very chilly... Tomorrow, there's going to be a

more well-aligned flow of air... Since winds from the surface up to about 6,000 feet will be primarily

out of the northwest, there should be a decent amount of energy that will be cascading down to

the surface from above the boundary layer... So, we should see winds gusting to near 30 mph

tomorrow afternoon, and these will subside early tomorrow night... Sunday's going to be an even

chillier day, even despite a fair amount of sunshine... Most temperatures during the morning will

be in the upper 30s and lower 40s, with afternoon temperatures probably failing to get out of the

40s in most cases...

The thinking about Monday and Tuesday has not changed... There is still going to be a rather flat

and weak body of low pressure emerging in the southern Tier of states this weekend, which will

manage to run out into the Atlantic early next week... HOWEVER, the feature in the long range

forecast period that is garnering much more attention right now is a coastal low pressure system,

which the global models are implying will be located near the Carolina Coast Tuesday night... We

are still in a pattern at this time that features a fairly strong NAO (negative value on the North

Atlantic Oscillation Index), and that tends to promote a lot of upstream blocking -- like a high

pressure system over Greenland that barely budges... So, it shouldn't come as too much of a

surprise that 5-10 days 'after Sandy', there may be another storm of significance that will need to

be reckoned with along the East Coast... And, it looks like that coastal storm may have some

impacts around here on Wednesday and Wednesday night, or late Wednesday into Thursday...

There may be some rain and winds gusting to near 40 mph in the big cities later next week, as well

as some wet snow farther inland... We'll have more details on this in the coming days...

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Dean Hansen

I am on the Board of Governors for a Jersey shore community, and was able to tour the barrier island yesterday to see first hand the massive damage that took place. I took a video of the bay side destruction, and posted it on Youtube at the follow link:


The damage to Ortley Beach is unbelievable! It looks like an earthquake, sunami, and tornado hit the area all at once.



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