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Big Changes on the Way Today! Rainy, Windy, and Colder!

Cold Stretch but Quiet Through the Weekend!

Today: Windy and Rainy Until Noon, Then Sun Breaks, Windy & Brisk  High: 56 This Am and Falling this PM

               To 44 by 4pm


Tonight: Clearing, Brisk and Colder  Low: 36  26 in the Suburbs


Tomorrow: Sunny, Windy, and Brisk  High: 50 But Feels Like 38-40 Degrees Most of the Day



Good Morning,


There's a fairly potent cold front that is 'on the move' early today, bringing rain to parts of the

Northeast and the mid Atlantic states... In fact, the initial band of showers which has shown up on

the regional radar mosaic has already had a history of producing brief, but heavy rainfall, wind

gusts in excess of 30 mph and temperatures at several of the hourly reporting sites have dropped

by an average of 10-12 degrees within an hour of the rain beginning... So, we'll need to address

both the need for rain gear early today, as well as a heavy coat as the temperature plummets into

the upper 40s in some of the typically colder spots north and west of the large cities this morning,

and 'around 50' by daybreak in the larger cities and along the immediate coast...


This morning's rain should taper off from west to east gradually... And, while it could be over as

early as 10 or 11 a.m. in northeastern Pennsylvania, parts of upstate New York and in northwestern

New Jersey -- the current thinking is that it'll take a few hours longer in the New York Metro Area,

much of central and southern New Jersey and for all points south and west... Most rain gauges will

have between 0.25" and 0.50" in them when the rain is over, with some locally higher amounts



While this shouldn't cause any major flooding issues, it is important to keep in mind

that in areas where leaves or other debris may be blocking storm drains, there could be some

large puddles today...


With some clearing possible later this afternoon and likely tonight, it will be

brisk and noticeably colder, with most temperatures winding up in either the lower or middle 30s...

And, even though there should be a fair amount of sunshine here both tomorrow and on Thursday,

the temperature will be hard-pressed to get out of the 40s in most places both days... Let's say, for

example, that if it reaches 50 tomorrow, it'll be a "bonus"...


The north winds will be averaging 8-16mph, so it will 'feel like it’s in the 40s' tomorrow regardless

of what the actual high temperature is...


Dry weather should prevail through the end of the week, compliments of high pressure... But then,

the focus of our attention later this weekend and early next week will be turning to the ocean ---

again... While much of eastern North America will be dominated/covered by a large of high

pressure, a low pressure system is expect to form somewhere near Bermuda early next week...


The European global model keeps this deepening coastal storm out at sea before it crashes onto

the shores of eastern New England on Thanksgiving night (just to give you some idea of far away

this event is)... We do allow for the possibility of some rain here in our forecast as early as Sunday,

just because there is going to be an easterly flow developing, and this should only manage to

strengthen as we head into Monday and Tuesday... No doubt, this is a system that will need to be

watched closely, because of the damage recent ones have left behind -- and it could impact the

weather on multiple days which will be leading up to Thanksgiving...


Have a good day!

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