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Another Chilly Day With Lots of Sunshine!

A Slow Warm-up as We Head Into the Weekend!

Good Morning,


While a weak ripple of low pressure is moving towards the Carolinas early today, the current

weather map is also showing a very large ridge of high pressure that is located in eastern

Canada... In fact, this high pressure is 'driving a wedge' southward along the spine of the

Appalachians... So, with a plentiful supply of dry air in place, we'll be precipitation-free today,

tonight and tomorrow... But, there's no denying that current satellite imagery indicates that a band

of high and mid level clouds will continue sliding across the mid Atlantic states, and it should also

spread into areas as far north and southern New England as the morning unfolds... One of the

necessary adjustments that was made to the forecast by yesterday's afternoon and evening crews

was to 'play up' cloud cover today, while also allowing for sunny intervals...


That forecast still seems very reasonable early this morning, given recent satellite trends...

And, this cloud cover has also allowed for most temperatures overnight to 'stabilize' somewhat...

A few of them have actually started to rise just a bit because of the presence of these clouds...


Temperatures this afternoon will be no higher than the mid or upper 40s, although it can briefly

touch 50 (like it did yesterday in Philadelphia) in some cities located near or to the south of the

Mason-Dixon Line...


Tonight, even the sky may be partly cloudy early, the prevailing thoughts are that some low clouds will be

returning to much of the coastal plain after midnight... The dry weather is going to persist into the

upcoming weekend, with the bulk of the East's unsettled weather residing in the Carolinas for the

next several days... However, unlike last weekend, when temperatures made a significant 'jump' on

Sunday afternoon, we don't expect these to change all that much from one day to the next...


This brings us to the much talked-about potential for a significant coastal storm late this weekend and

early next week... We're going to have to make a few things clear >> the global models are

reaching a fairly solid consensus at this point (at least when you examine recent runs of all

domestic forms of guidance, as well as the European and the Canadian/GGEM) that this storm,

after it forms east of Cape Hatteras, N.C., will remain well out at sea early next week... And, while

there still might be considerable clouds on Monday and Tuesday near the I-95 corridor, as well as

a touch of rain or some drizzle because of the fairly deep, easterly flow of air coming in off of the

Atlantic -- the 'worst effects' of this storm, including its wind and rain, should remain offshore...


That "long fetch", or persistent easterly flow will cause some large ocean swells, and these may

have some impact on many of the beaches which have already been left vulnerable because of

"Sandy" and last week's Nor'easter... So, minor coastal flooding and further beach erosion are still

issues that are "on the table", but for so many of us who will be traveling next week during the

days which lead up to Thanksgiving, the weather doesn't look as if it will be playing a "spoiler"

role - at least not at this point.


Have a great day!

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Alan Curley

Bill mentioned this morning that a record temperature for today occurred back in 1993 and that there was no snow until the first day of Spring. If he meant Spring 1994, I remember it snowed almost every week of winter that year. If it was Spring 1993, I recall driving from Alabama to NJ during the "blizzard of the century" which was on or about St. Patrick's Day (3/17/1993). I wonder if that was the first snowfall of 1993?

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