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A Nasty Nor'Easter Arrives at the Worst Possible Time!

Wind Gusts of 60mph, Big Heavy Wet Snow Through Thursday Morning.

Today: Wind, Rain, Snow  Temp 38 and Falling Snow 1-3” City Just N&W  3-6” Far N&W

               Wind NE 30-50mph City N&W 60mph Coast


Tonight: Windy & Cold, Wet Snow, Winds NE Gusts 30-50mph 60mpg Gusts at the Coast

                  Low: 34   24 N&W


Tomorrow: Rain & Wet Snow in the AM, Cold Gusty Wind with Sunny Breaks in the PM

                     Wind Gusts 30-40mph



Good Morning,


Some very messy and hazardous weather is headed our way today and tonight... Even

though most of the model trends Monday afternoon and evening showed our latest Nor'easter

distributing most of its precipitation out over the open waters of the Atlantic --- the pendulum has

now swung the other way, and in a very BAD DIRECTION... Winds early this morning are already

starting to pick up, and some of the gusts have been between 20 and 30 mph... And, as a body of

low pressure continues to advance northward today and tonight, these winds should ramp up in

their intensity very quickly... Also, the regional radar mosaic has been showing some precipitation

occurring in the mid-Atlantic region, and that will be overspreading the Tri-State Area, moving

from south to north this morning... With temperatures starting out in the 30s virtually everywhere,

when precipitation starts, if it were to come down hard enough for a while -- what may initially start

out as rain could flip quickly over to wet snow... While this may be more common in many of the

northern and western suburbs, we cannot rule out the possibility of it happening in the City and in

most coastal communities at some point this morning... Cooling the column of air vertically (or,

"evaporative cooling") would be the culprit that would lead to a slushy accumulation of snow,

especially on many non-paved surfaces, before the the afternoon hours unfold..


In this scenario, temperatures today aren't going be heading anywhere by downward - and if it is

around 40 degrees for a while this morning or during midday, it'll only be for a brief period of

time... We will wind up in the 30s this afternoon, with winds gusting as high as 50 mph in and

around the City and up to 60 mph on central and eastern Long Island... The pressure gradient

between this storm and a large high pressure system located in eastern Canada will be driving the

winds back into the Northeast and mid Atlantic states, and there will also be coastal flooding

during the times of high tide today and tonight... These tides will be running anywhere from 2 to as

much as 5 feet above normal, which will cause massive problems in those areas that have been

devastated by "Sandy"... As for rainfall totals, or perhaps the term 'liquid equivalent' should be

applied here, these will greater than an inch in most coastal communities, around an inch in the

City and it will drop off somewhat in most northern and western suburbs... Still though, with the

temperatures at the 850 millibar level expected to be below freezing most of the day, the heavy,

wet snow will accumulate on many tree limbs and power lines... That, combined with some

relatively strong wind gusts will result in more power outages... Our maps show the

comprehensive breakdown of expected wind, rain and snowfall accumulations through early

tomorrow morning... Speaking of tomorrow, it will still be rather windy with a leftover shower of

rain and wet snow in some places early, and clouds will break for some afternoon sunshine...


High pressure will be building into the Eastern Region on Friday and Saturday, which should promote

plenty of sunshine... And, while dealing with the next 24 hours will be very difficult, it should become

noticeably milder during the upcoming weekend... We just need to get through this storm before things

quiet down for a while -- which won't be easy for many folks.


Have a good day!!!

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Hey Bill already power going on and off here on Long Island !

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