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A Great Weekend is on the Way!

Sunny, Dry, and Warmer!

Good Morning,

Temperatures yesterday managed to exceed our expectations in those areas where there

wasn't a decent amount of slushy, wet snow on the ground... For example, the temperature

surpassed 50 in both Philadelphia and Baltimore, and it even reached 50 in Allentown,

Pennsylvania... But, the one thing all of these places have in common: no snow cover... And, in the

Greater New York City Metro Area, as well as at the Jersey Shore and in southern New England,

there was plenty of it!! Today is getting off to a rather tranquil start with most temperatures in the

30s... While we've been concerned for the past 24 hours that in places where there is still some

slush and melting snow from yesterday, leaving behind puddles and wet surfaces that could

become icy this morning -- there are as many places at or below freezing as we had feared... At

least not as of 3 a.m. -- but there's still a 'window of opportunity' before 8 a.m. for temperatures to

drop a bit more, so we must be mindful that there could be some slick spots...

By and large, a strong high pressure system building in the Eastern Region over the next three or

four days will be the driving force behind our weather pattern... It will promote warmer afternoons,

especially on Sunday and Monday... Tomorrow, the leading edge of some much warmer air located

in the middle of the country is going to generate some clouds -- but showers associated with this

warm front should occur across northern portions of New York State and in New England (well to

the north of the Tri-State Area)... Therefore, even though there will be clouds as well as some

sunshine, it will still be milder than today... These clouds will probably be the only thing that'll

prevent most thermometers from reaching 60... But on Veterans Day and Monday, this won't be an

issue... Except abundant sunshine both of these days, with temperatures climbing well into the


Monday should be the warmest day of the next five, before the next cold front begins to approach

the Eastern Seaboard from the north and west on Monday night and Tuesday... Cloud cover on

Tuesday will limit most temperatures to the 50s and lower 60s, which is still above the seasonal

averages, and we will probably get a couple of showers and even a thunderstorm or two...

Beyond, temperatures should be mostly in the lower and middle 50s during the middle and later

stages of next week -- with no big storms or other large scale precipitation events on the horizon...

Have a good weekend!!!

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