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Sandy Still Has a Hold on Our Area!

Sandy's effects will be felt through Thursday.

Though the worst of Sandy has passed from a meteorological standpoint we will still have plenty

of concerns throughout the day. Winds will continue to be strong and periods of rain will continue

to fall through the day. Fortunately the storm will weaken fairly quickly in the next 12 hours now

that it is well over land. This will lead to the strongest wind gusts this morning. The 850 winds

drop from 50 knots this morning to 35 knots this afternoon. Which from a damage and coastal

flooding prospect is a significant change. The next high tide cycle is coming through this morning

and it could continue to have some impact on the area as the winds remain out of the southeast or

south. This will be a far cry of concern compared to the problems that Sandy caused this past

evening with that high tide cycle.

So with the trough still cut off over the area thanks to the blocking to the north we'll continue to be

in an unsettled weather pattern through the rest of the week. This will mean a couple of showers

around during the day Wednesday and another shower possible Thursday. At this point we are

calling Friday a dry day, but the thermal trough still remains over the area and there is a jet max

diving southward in the flow. The northwesterly flow probably allows for a dry day, so the

unsettled part of the weather may just be some cloudiness, but I'd mention a shower possible

north and west of the area. Also on Friday it appears that northwesterly flow will be lined up and

strong. This will lead to some gusty breezes. Though we'll call this a "normal" windy since Sandy

will be the real measure of impact related to wind.

Finally the blocking releases to start the weekend and this trough will lift out for some weak

ridging and high pressure by Sunday. The unfortunate part of that is that the next storm is moving

in from the Midwest and that could bring some showers to the area on Monday.

Forecast Discussion:

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Stella vitale

Stella from franklin park nj.... Why was hurricane sandy classifued as a cat 1 when the pressure around the center was 939mb's which is the equivalent to a cat 3. The classification of a cat 1 really didnt do her justice. Cant the weather service take into consideration the pressure of the hurricane and wind speed? This seems to be a little more practical.

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