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A Great End to August, Ending LIke August Should Around the NYC Area!

Hot to End August! More August Weather to start September! Great NYC Weather Through Labor Day!

Good Morning,

Warmer weather is going to be common across much of the Eastern Region over the next few days, as a high

pressure system continues to spread out across the Midwest and Great Lakes -- destined to reach areas east of the

Appalachians tomorrow... This weather system, with some strong upper-level support, is going to effectively 'bottle

up' Isaac for the next couple of days... And, while most temperatures are expected to peak in the 80s today, tomorrow

will be hotter... Most temperatures tomorrow afternoon will either be in the lower or middle-90s, except at some of the

beaches... Cities like Minneapolis, Kansas City and Omaha were solidly in the 90s yesterday, and the source of

tomorrow's hot air along the East Coast will be coming 'over the top' of Isaac's center of circulation... So, while

Louisiana and southern Mississippi continue to bear the brunt of the excessive rain and there are still some tropical

storm force winds early today, "Isaac" is expected to get downgraded to a tropical depression later on... And, the core

of the rich, tropical moisture is going to spread northwestward into Arkansas, southeastern Missouri and western

Tennessee over the next 24-36 hours... Some of these places will benefit from the much-needed rain, but there will be

some other flooding problems occurring well inland from the Gulf Coast through tomorrow night... As the Labor Day

Weekend begins to unfold across the Northeast and in the mid-Atlantic states on Saturday, some very warm and more

humid weather will prevail... There should be a decent amount of sunshine... One of the forecast challenges we've

been confronted with over the past day or two can be attributed to a back-door cool front that is going to try and push

southward out of Canada tomorrow night and early Saturday... Depending upon which global model you believe,

afternoon temperatures on Saturday may be as few as two or as much as seven degrees LOWER THAN TOMORROW...

A 'compromise approach' was applied yesterday, and we're continuing to run with this early today >> most

temperatures will be in the upper-80s to around 90 on Saturday with moderately high humidity... However, there won't

be any shower or thunderstorm activity associated with this frontal passage, so outdoor activities will not be


Our forecast maps, as well as those of the N.H.C. show the low pressure center, or 'remnant low' associated with Isaac

only reaching eastern Missouri on Sunday night and then it will probably drift into Ohio on Monday... While this does

bode well for most places along the Eastern Seaboard for Saturday night and Sunday when it comes to predicting dry

weather, we still must keep something in mind: even though the circulation center will be 'lagging way back' across

Missouri and in the Ohio Valley, there will be prevailing westerly winds aloft that will begin to pick up some of the

tropical moisture and spread it out across the eastern half of the country... Even though this will probably only show

up first as some high, cirrus clouds Saturday night and Sunday, we'll have to be on the lookout for a few widely

separated showers and a thunderstorm on Labor Day, especially along the Mason-Dixon Line and for all points south

of it... The G.F.S. is indicating that there won't be any shower or thunderstorm activity along the I-95 corridor between

Washington, D.C. and southern New England until very late on Labor Day or Monday night, but since the timing can

change, we feel we should at least be mentioning this for now...

If it looks tomorrow or on Saturday like 'more of a lock' that rain will manage to hold off until Tuesday, we'll make the

necessary adjustments... And, as far as temperatures are concerned, these will be trending lower as the holiday

weekend progresses (mostly in the lower-80s on Sunday, and the upper-70s and lower-80s on Labor Day)...

Have a good day!!!

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