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A Great Start to a Typical Summer Weather Weekend Around NYC!

Hot & Humid, Chance for a Thunderstorm, Rather Normal!

Good Morning!

After yesterdays bout of severe weather, it looks like a less threatening day

today, however it certainly does not look settled, as an upper trough will

develop out of the zonal pattern we have been in. The Atlantic Ridge is

currently building, and with a ridge also building across the west, the next

few days will see an opportunity for this trough to set up camp in the


The cold front associated with the low that generated yesterdays weather will

push through the I-95 corridor today, however the lack of a significant push

of cool air in it's wake means the front will not bring more comfortable

weather for Saturday. A second wave of low pressure, will move through the

mid-Atlantic, bringing a more potent air mass change for Sunday. Dewpoints

will drop into the low 60s and highs will finally start looking more like


Precipitation wise, over the next couple of days activity will generally be

spotty and light. Between the passing weak lows and fronts, along with pieces

of energy swinging through the trough, there is very low confidence in any

attempts to time precipitation.

On Sunday high pressure traveling across the Ohio Valley will being working

into the northeast, however a short wave moving through New England will leave

some lingering activity and clouds and prevent the entire region from seeing a

dry day, however anywhere south of PHL should see a dry day. That high will

gain the most control over the region on Monday, giving the best chance for a

dry day so far for the entirety of the Northeast.

For Tuesday and Wednesday, a barrage of upper level energy will bring a few

spotty showers and thunderstorms to the region, however it is Wednesday that

the next true system works into the area, in the form of a cold front that

could bring more organized activity to the Northeast.

Have a Great Day!

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PLEASE Bill EVans will you stop acting like a goon!? Seriously you are to old to be a bully! Leave Joe Nolan alone already! So nice when you are on vacation!

You act out so arrogantly so that is why I am so blunt. I hope you realize your wrong doing in being a bully! Grow up.

margaret q

Hi Mr Evans
We were on vacation last week in Lake George, NY and saw an amazing halo around the sun. It was so large and dark in the afternoon sky! I have a picture of it (but cannot figure out how to upload to you) but I would love your thoughts about it. Thanks very much!!!
Margaret Q
Toms River NJ

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