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Stormy to Start the Week Around NYC! Get Your Rain Gear!

There Could be Strong Gusty Thunderstorm Later Today!

Good Morning, 

The first part of this new workweek will bring much of the Eastern Region some cooler than normal weather for late-June,

but there'll be an eventual warm-up getting underway during midweek... Also, as a vigorous parcel of jet stream energy dives

out of the eastern Great Lakes this morning, there'll be an outbreak of showers and thunderstorms across much of the

Northeast, as well as in parts of the mid-Atlantic region this morning... Any of these showers or thunderstorms will be capable of

producing a drenching downpour, and there could be flooding of some streets and poor-drainage areas... This energy parcel

will be a key player in the development of an upper-level low pressure system, which will spin over southeastern Canada and

northern New England tonight, tomorrow and Wednesday... By Thursday, this feature will start to weaken as it slowly lifts out to

the north and into eastern Canada...


Although strong or severe thunderstorms may occur in parts of a large area that extends from the mid-Atlantic states on up to

southern New England this afternoon, and THIS AFTERNOON ONLY, we'll still be talking about this upper-level feature for the

next couple of days -- because of the impact it'll have on both the cloud cover and our daytime temperatures... Highs today will

be mostly in the 70s across northeastern Pennsylvania, New York and New Jersey.... There will be portions of southeastern

Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland and South Jersey that will crack the 80-degree mark today...


Because the air aloft will be colder than what is considered normal during the early part of summer today (this afternoon and this

evening in particular, when much of the atmosphere's latent heat is released), we must allow for that strong thunderstorm

AFTER this morning's wave of activity moves on through... Then, there'll be a tendency for the sky to clear tonight, and it will

become cooler than recent nights... How cool will it get?? Most low temperatures in the bigger cities are going to wind up

upper-50s to near 60, but most suburbs will be in the lower and middle-50s overnight, which is unusual for this time of year...


Those places which have the best chance of getting a pop-up shower or thunderstorm tomorrow afternoon and early tomorrow

night will be in areas that are in very close proximity to the core of the upper-level low pressure system: or, mainly across New

England, southeastern New York State, northeastern Pennsylvania and in northern New Jersey... Most temperatures will be no

higher than the 70s tomorrow, except in some of those areas south of the Mason-Dixon Line, which will feature more sunshine,

and little or no shower/thunderstorm activity... As we had said earlier, a warming trend will be getting underway during

midweek... Most temperatures on Wednesday will have no trouble reaching the mid-80s or higher -- and there should be no

less than partial sunshine... Temperatures on Thursday will climb even more as a ridge of high pressure builds across the

Eastern Region and continues to strengthen... In fact, it may reach 90 degrees on some thermometers on Thursday, but the

greater odds now seem to favor Friday as being the "hottest day of the week"... With an uptick in the humidity, most

temperatures on Friday should reach the low to mid-90s, except along some of the south-facing shorelines...


Elsewhere in the country, "Tropical Storm Debby", which formed in the Gulf of Mexico this weekend, seems to represent

everything that is ENIGMATIC about forecasting tropical weather systems... Although many of the global models Saturday

and early yesterday were suggesting that "Debby" would wind up drifting to the west and would threaten Louisiana and

Texas later this week, the latest consensus is that this fairly large tropical storm will move very slowly during the next 72

hours, and it will remain in the northern Gulf of Mexico for a prolonged period of time... Even though some dry air

associated with a high pressure system nearby got pulled into the center of circulation late yesterday, the tendency for

Debby to regain its previous structure will result in bands of torrential rain that will be lashing out at northern Florida and the

central Gulf Coast for the next couple of days... Therefore, some of these places could see more than a FOOT of rain this

coming week...


Have a good day!!!

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