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Nice, Cool to Start the Week in NYC, but "Flame Throwing Heat" is Coming!

Summer Starts and 7:09pm Wednesday and It Will Feel Like It!!!

Good Morning,

While the weekend was a dry one, yesterday was a noticeably cooler day than Saturday... This was

well-anticipated, based on the forecasts that were made on Friday... An east to southeast wind pushed

moisture from the Atlantic Ocean back into many areas east of the Appalachians late on Saturday

night... Therefore, low clouds formed and these persisted for several hours yesterday morning before

breaking up either during midday or in the afternoon... We expect a repeat of this sequence of events

early this morning, and it'll probably even occur in some coastal communities tomorrow morning before

the sun comes out to stay... There's another thing that we'll have to keep an eye out for -- a stray

shower, primarily across some of the higher terrain in northeastern Pennsylvania, southeastern New

York in across northwestern New Jersey... While there's very little rain printing out on last night's 00z

run of the G.F.S. in these aforementioned places today, both this domestic model and the European are

still showing that a shower may generate a couple of hundredths of an inch... We're inclined to think

that the larger cities have about a 20% chance of getting one of these showers later today, while

east-central and northeastern Pennsylvania, parts of northwestern New Jersey and southeastern New

York will have a slightly greater, or 30-40% chance of seeing one...

But, the big story this week isn't going to be spotty showers, or how long morning clouds will be

hanging around -- it'll be the change to much hotter air during midweek... There'll be more of a

southwesterly flow of air developing by Wednesday afternoon, but this process is going to take a while

to unfold, because a high pressure system will be taking that long to establish itself off of the coast of

the Carolinas... Therefore, we can expect morning clouds today to break for some sunshine -- and

temperatures should return to the 70s in most places... A handful of towns along the immediate coast

may fail to get out of the 60s, which also would resemble yesterday's outcome...

With some low clouds returning to some areas tonight, temperatures will wind up in the 50s in the

typically cooler spots and in the 60s elsewhere, including the bigger cities along the coastal plain...

Temperatures will be approaching 80 tomorrow in the City, but most coastal communities will still be in

the 70s... During midweek, the heat will be turned up quite a bit... Highs on Wednesday will be mostly

in the lower-90s, with the humidity making it "Feel Like" its closer to 100, except along the coast --

where most afternoon temperatures will be in the mid and upper-80s, and it will feel like it in the lower or

middle-90s, at most...

The hottest day of the week appears to be Thursday, when the combination of a southwest wind and

surging dewpoint temperatures in the upper-60s will take highs mostly in the mid-90s and make it "Feel

Like" its greater than 100 in the bigger cities... Again, the heat should not be quite as extreme along the

coast, but even these places will be quite humid with afternoon temperatures around 90...

As the ridge of high pressure responsible for the two days of extreme heat starts to break down on

Thursday night and Friday, there can be a couple of showers and a thunderstorm scattered about the

area... Some of these on Friday could bring strong wind gusts and a drenching downpour, when most

high temperatures will be in the mid or upper-80s...

Temperatures will return to more seasonal levels by the start of the upcoming weekend...

Have a good day!!!

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