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Heat Wave Begins Today for the NYC Area! It will feel like 100 to 105 degrees!

Drink lots of water, put on the sun screen, take frequent breaks if you are out in this extreme heat for long perios of time!

Good Morning,

 Numbers will speak "volumes" over the next few days across the Eastern Region... The first series of days with

widespread daytime temperatures in the mid and upper-90s is headed our way... And, depending upon the location -- Friday's

temperature will also manage to reach the 90s, making it an "official heat wave", based on the definition that the maximum

temperature must be 90 or higher during three consecutive days... We'll talk more about the details of Friday's forecast down

the road, but first -- let's tackle the next two days..


As a ridge of high pressure located off the Carolina Coast begins to strengthen and expand over the next 24-48 hours, its

tendency to "flex its muscle" will cause all surface winds to shift to the west and southwest today... These will even become

northwesterly winds for a while on Thursday afternoon... However, while northwest winds in the Fall, Winter and Spring are

known for ushering in cool (or cold) and dry air, in this particular case -- the source region located in the eastern Great Lakes and

the Ohio Valley will be an environment filled with hot air... There are various heat advisories which have been posted for both

today and tomorrow across the Eastern Region, but an excessive heat warning will be in effect for the Greater Philadelphia

Metropolitan Area... Temperatures will rise rapidly into the 80s by mid or late-morning in the big cities, and should peak in the

mid and upper-90s this afternoon... Since this is going to be accompanied by an uptick in moisture, with most dewpoint

temperatures reaching the upper-60s and lower-70s, the moderately high humidity will make it "Feel Like" its greater than 100

in most places -- except along some of the south-facing shores... Where temperatures will be no higher than the mid or

upper-80s this afternoon (primarily in southern and eastern parts of Suffolk County, New York, as well as in extreme

southeastern New England and in eastern Atlantic and Cape May counties in South Jersey), a sea breeze will be developing

this afternoon, and it will only "Feel Like" it’s in the 90s for a brief period of time before temperatures start falling... Summer's

official arrival (at least on the astronomical calendar) is at 7:09 p.m. EDT, and the first night of the new season will be very warm

and humid... Temperatures will be no lower than the upper-70s in most of the larger cities, and in the upper-60s in even the

coolest outlying areas...


Most temperatures tomorrow will be every bit as high as today's, as a thermal trough develops between southern New England

and coastal Delaware... This will cause the "blow torch" breezes, the moniker that we used yesterday -- because air at the

850-millibar level will be very close to 70 degrees Fahrenheit, and even if the wind out of the west or northwest averages 7-14

mph tomorrow afternoon, it will cause some of the extreme warmth to get mixed down to the surface... Therefore, temperature

records for tomorrow's date will be challenged from southern New England on down into Maryland and northern Virginia... Many

of these records for June 21st are from either 1953, or 1988 -- and for some locations, the record was attained BOTH years...


Based on our most recent forecasts that we're issuing this morning, Friday's temperatures should climb to near 90 as far

north as New York City, Allentown... On Friday afternoon, a cold front will be pressing to the southeast fairly slowly, and it is

expected to generate a few showers and heavy, gusty thunderstorms along the way... And, we feel that the timing of this

front will be such that most places will STILL BE ABLE TO SQUEEZE a few more degrees out ahead of the boundary

before the showers and thunderstorms develop... Some of those thunderstorms could be strong or perhaps even severe

as they push across the coastal plain and eventually drift out to sea late on Friday or early Friday night... After that, the

upcoming weekend will feature temperatures mostly in the 80s, but with lowering humidity on Saturday... Sunday will

probably start off sunny, then clouds associated with a second cool front will be arriving later in the day or at night... That

could result in a couple of showers and a thunderstorm Sunday night or on Monday... Early next week, temperatures will

be trending EVEN LOWER, and most will be hard-pressed to get out of the 70s, especially on Tuesday and Wednesday...



Have a good day!!!

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Laurinda Martin

We live in Shirley on long island, most graduations are this Saturday can you please tell us if we are expecting rain, I see conflicting reports..Thank You

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