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Dreary & Damp to Start This Wednesday Around NYC, but Gorgeous Weather is on the Way!

The Father's Day Weekend Looks Sunny,Dry, and Pleasant!

Good Morning,

As we expected, the Tri-State Area has gotten a good soaking during the past 24 hours... We

aren't quite done with the rain just yet, but recent radar trends are indicating that those areas which will

get the most rain today will include eastern and central Long Island, as well as southeastern New

England... This morning's surface map is showing the wave of low pressure that we had been talking

about since yesterday, and its 2 a.m. position placed it near the Delaware Bay... This is the feature

which has managed to form along a very slow-moving cool front, and it will be the catalyst today that will

cause the additional rain... From the City on north and west, most of the day will be fairly cloudy with

occasional rain and drizzle... The rain's intensity will be fairly light, but there will be some steadier and

heavier rain on central and east Long Island for at least a few hours this morning before it tapers to

lighter rain and some drizzle... Temperatures should wind up mostly in the lower and middle-70s this

afternoon, and those areas which are farther inland should be the warmer spots... These should also be

the most likely candidates to see clouds give way to some brightening later this afternoon...

The persistence of an easterly wind flow along the coast is what will keep clouds pretty much intact for

the balance of the day in areas near and to the east of I-95... It will take until tonight for some drier air to

start making progress as it filters into the Tri-State Area, and so that is when most of us will see the

clearing process getting underway... We'll keep some drizzle in the forecast for early tonight, but mostly

on eastern and central Long Island, and some fog may begin to form...

With no less than partial sunshine tomorrow, there'll be a bit of a breeze and most temperatures should

reach the mid and upper-70s (coolest near the coast, but warmer farther inland)... A ridge of high

pressure located in eastern Canada will be driving a wedge southward along the east-facing slopes of

the Appalachians on Friday and Saturday... In this type of set-up, there is going to be an easterly

component to the wind, which doesn't necessarily mean it'll be cloudy a whole lot -- but the marine

influence is still going to keep most temperatures from climbing out of the 70s until Sunday or

Monday... Have a good day !!!

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