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A Gorgeous String of Weather Days Ahead for NYC!

Perfect Days of Sunshine and 76 through Father's Day and in to next week!

Good Morning,

 While clouds overnight have tried to break up in various locations around the Tri-State Area,

they look as if they'll be fairly stubborn to part for some sunshine until sometime later on this

morning... Of course yesterday, one look at the visible satellite imagery during mid-afternoon

was worth a thousand words: It showed a very distinct 'clearing line' west of the City... But, the

back edge of the low clouds managed to linger in the City and all along the immediate coast,

which is something we had addressed yesterday... Another result, too was that afternoon

temperatures were no higher than the 60s in Central Park (69) and on Long Island... Conversely,

most of the northern and western suburbs were able to crack the 70-degree mark... 

Our pattern going forward will still be dominated by a high pressure system, which is currently

located over eastern Canada... As we said yesterday, this ridge of high pressure should be

'driving a wedge' southward along the east-facing slopes of the Appalachians, and that will

provide us with some decent weather for the next few days... Will there be unlimited quantities

of sunshine?? No, there will probably be some clouds, especially near the coast and primarily

during the early morning hours... And, will there be a noticeable warm-up in time for Father's

Day?? Again, no... We can't forget that while there will be a decent amount of sunshine, the

clockwise circulation around this high pressure zone (the surface winds) will have an easterly

component... Therefore, the marine influence for the next three or four days should prevent most

temperatures from getting out of the 70s...  

The numerical strings from the G.F.S. (U.S. version of the medium-range forecast model) are

actually showing a high temperature in the low-70s in Central Park on Sunday...

The temperature just slightly above ground level from the European forecast model are also

suggesting that it may be no higher than the upper-60s, which may have

something to do with cloud cover... We aren't necessarily ready to "pounce on this" just yet and

adjust our temperatures by more than a couple of degrees, but this is going to be something will

need to be watched over the next couple of days. 

Early next week, there will probably be a few more days with temperatures in the mid and

upper-70s and no less than partial sunshine before a southwesterly flow on the back side of this

high pressure system starts to develop... This will ultimately lead to a warmer weather pattern,

but it may not reach 80 in the City until Tuesday or Wednesday... During the second half of next

week, there is the potential for temperatures to really "take off", climbing into the mid and

upper-80s with an uptick in the humidity.

 Have a good day!!!

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jessica butchet

Hi Bill! I just wanted to comment on the nice suits you wear. Not to mention the excellent job that you and the entire eyewitness news team do each morning.

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