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Spring Slump Continues, However Mother's Day is Looking Great!

Clouds and Showers will Still Rule Until Thursday.

Good Morning,

Spotty light shower activity in the Tri-State Area very late yesterday and early last night has

managed to push into central and eastern portions of New England early this morning... This activity

was, more or less, associated with the leading edge of mild, moist air that is overrunning the cooler and

much drier air we encountered on Sunday night...

There will be considerable clouds today, and the regional radar mosaic as of 3 a.m. was showing a

corridor of showers with embedded thunderstorms that extended from upstate New York southwestward

into the Tennessee Valley... Even though the morning commute should remain 'relatively uneventful'

with the bulk of this activity hanging back to the west, it will definitely be a good idea to have the rain

gear handy this afternoon, tonight and tomorrow... There will be a low pressure system sliding across

the eastern Great Lakes and into southeastern Canada today, tonight and tomorrow, which will be slowly

tugging a cold front behind it... The slow movement of this boundary will allow for additional moisture to

flow into areas east of the Appalachians, and that moisture will help feed showers and even a

thunderstorm or two... While those areas located near the coast will have a lesser chance of getting

some thunder and lightning later today, tonight and tomorrow -- we must be mindful of the fact that if

there are any peeks of sun tomorrow, some thunderstorm activity could develop... Temperatures today

will be no higher than the 60s in most cases, but we talked a little yesterday about how many forms of

the numerical guidance were projecting highs in the 70s for tomorrow... Well, every global model except

the European (still holding out with a slightly cooler scenario, and temperatures mainly in the mid and

upper-60s) seems to suggest that the temperature will have no trouble at least reaching the mid-70s...

Again, as a sort of "compromise", we'll give the method of half-stepping a try, and raise the

temeperature to 73 in Central Park for tomorrow (Wednesday)...

As this cool front reaches the East Coast tomorrow night, there'll be a few more showers and perhaps a

thunderstorm or two, then there will be an attempt at some drying occurring on Thursday... Actually, we

are still carrying the mention of a shower on Thursday, because while a northwesterly flow should allow

for some less humid air to begin filtering into the region, the interaction between the day's heating and

some chilly air aloft associated with an upper-level trough axis should cause a few widely-separated

showers to develop in the afternoon... We still like the idea that the weather will be improving on Friday,

and the nice weather trend will carry us into the upcoming weekend...

Have a good day!!!

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