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Great Spring Weather Around NYC for Passover & Easter!

Sunny with Temperatures Above Normal This Weekend!

Good Morning,

Today is getting off to a chilly start once again... And, while we expect a fair amount of

sunshine this afternoon, most temperatures will be hard-pressed to get out of the 50s, just like

yesterday... There will probably be a handful of reporting stations across northern and central

New Jersey that will wind up in the lower-60s, but it'll be between 56 and 60 just about

everywhere else in the Tri-State Area this afternoon... There are still some obvious concerns

about how the dry conditions we've been experiencing over the past few weeks and the gusty

breezes of today may lead to brush fires, which could spread very quickly... As a trough of low

pressure digs into the Eastern Region digs and manages to persist for the next several days, we

are not expecting any kind of unseasonably warm weather any time soon... While it will not be

"cold, raw and nasty" today or during the upcoming Easter holiday weekend, temperatures will

only be near the seasonal averages, and mostly in the lower or middle-60s both tomorrow and

on Sunday...

As we discussed yesterday, a body of low pressure located out in the Atlantic Ocean is going to

be retrograding, or "backing up" into northern New England later on Sunday and Sunday night...

And, while this doesn't mean it will rain around here, there will be a pool of relatively cold air aloft

parked over the Northeast that will interact with daytime heating to cause lots of cumulus

clouds to form on Sunday afternoon... We expect most temperatures Sunday will be some 3-6

degrees higher than today's, but there will be more of these 'fair-weather clouds' to contend


After Sunday, we'll be confronted with some interesting challenges in our forecasts for the first

half of next week... With the upper-level trough remaining in place, we anticipate that there will be

a series of impulses of energy that will be diving out of the north and west and into the region...

And, while one of these disturbances which is forecasted to reach the East Coast late on

Sunday night probably won't bring a shower to the Tri-State Area, it will usher in some clouds...

Then on Monday, a stronger impulse of energy could manage to cause a few scattered

showers... We're still predicting temperatures in the mid-60s, but if there were more clouds and

showers around, it could easily be much closer to 60 in the afternoon...

Unsettled weather seems imminent Tuesday and Wednesday, which will probably be cooler days

with afternoon temperatures in the 50s... The umbrella may be needed both days, but there could

also be lengthy stretches of time which are rain-free... Have a good weekend!!!

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