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Wow! Is it May or March?? I Can't Tell! NYC Gets Close to 70 Today!

72 is possible west of the city and a little cooler on the south facing shores!

Good Morning,

With a south to southwesterly wind gusting to between 20 and 30 mph, temperatures across most of

the Tri-State Area should soar today -- but because of the close proximity to chilly water along the

south-facing shores (such as on much of Long Island and in coastal Connecticut), there will also be some

places this afternoon that will fail to get out of the 50s... Temperatures during the night have been no lower

than 50 in the City and in most adjacent suburbs to the west... But, it is worth pointing out that the temperature

in the Hudson Valley has managed to drop into the upper-30s, and locations such as J.F.K. Airport,

Westhampton Beach and Bridgeport have been in the mid to upper-40s... These temperatures (as of 3 a.m.

EST) do provide us with some sort of 'preview' as to just how much temperatures will vary this afternoon...

For what it's worth, the record high temperature in Central Park for today's date is 76, set in 1987... LaGuardia

Airport's record is 74, Newark's record is 77, JFK's record is 72, and the records in both Bridgeport and Islip

are 69 -- ALL OF THESE were established on this date in1987... These records probably aren't in

jeopardy of be tied or broken, but many locations in the Eastern Region will have temperatures averaging 20

degrees above normal this afternoon...

The regional radar this morning is showing a corridor of showers with a few embedded thunderstorms occurring

in the Great Lakes region... In fact, in Chicago -- where the temperature has reached the upper-60s during

each of the past two days, some locally heavy rainfall has occurred within the past couple of hours, and a cold

frontal passage occurred shortly after midnight... This front is headed east, and should arrive in the Tri-State

Area late tonight... We'll see some sunshine today, which will tend to fade behind increasing clouds this

afternoon... And, what really makes this warm surge so impressive is that, even despite the "cloudier finish" to

the day, it should still manage to reach the upper-60s (even the low-70s on some local thermometers)...

Showers associated with the cold front should occur tonight, and some will even linger for a while early

tomorrow morning, especially across central and southern New Jersey, as well as on central and eastern Long

Island... But, the 'big story' for tomorrow is going to be the change to much cooler air... While temperatures

may not drop into the 40s until around daybreak tomorrow, there won't be very much recovery occurring in the

afternoon -- even if the sun does manage to come out for a while... We can envision how most places north

and east of the City wind up in the mid-40s tonight and "flat line" tomorrow, while in the City itself and in other

places located to the south and west, the temperature may roll back into the 40s... With clearing expected

tomorrow night, it will be brisk and colder... The weekend should offer a fair amount of sunshine, with Saturday

being the chillier day of the two... We've been discussing the concept over the past couple of days that a

very slow-moving upper-level low pressure system, which will be creeping across Texas tomorrow and

Saturday, may not bring any rain to the mid- Atlantic states or the Northeast until next Monday night or (even

more likely) Tuesday, and we're sticking by that idea early today... Temperatures should be mostly in the

upper-50s and lower-60s early next week...

Have a good day !!!


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