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Springlike Weather This Week Around NYC! Temps 15-20 Degrees Above Normal!

Showers are possible tomorrow, but much of the week dry!

Good Morning,

This past weekend was filled with sunshine... And, as was promised late last week, yesterday was a much milder day than

Saturday was... Most maximum temperatures were more than fifteen degrees higher when compared with the previous day,

although the margins were much smaller along the immediate coast... A "big picture" look at the next several days indicates that

there is truly no cold air in sight... A ridge of high pressure, located near the Carolina coast on this morning's surface weather

map, will be pumping even warmer air into the Eastern Region today and tomorrow... There's also a wave of low pressure

located in the middle of the country, which will cause a warm front to move into the mid-Atlantic states tonight... That warm front

will continue to press through the Northeast tomorrow before reaching eastern Canada tomorrow night... And, while the most

concentrated area of rainfall during the next 36 hours will be located out way in the Midwest, it still looks like there will be a batch

of showers 'peeling away' from the center of circulation as it crosses the Great Lakes region -- and that shower activity will be

occurring in areas east of the Appalachians late tonight into tomorrow... These showers will be widely-separated, and there

should be a pretty lengthy time frame tomorrow that is rain-free... So, even despite variable cloudiness, a few spotty showers

and a rumble or two of thunder in some places, winds out of the south and southwest behind that aforementioned warm front

will send the temperature soaring into the upper-60s and lower-70s (except along most south-facing shorelines, which will

probably be no higher than the lower-60s)...

On the heels of the warm front that will glide through the Eastern Region tonight and tomorrow, a Pacific-style cool front will

waste no time moving across the area tomorrow night... Behind this front, afternoon temperatures should still be mostly in the

mid-60s on Wednesday, but will average a few degrees lower than tomorrow's... Also, the prevailing flow out of the west should

usher in dry air, which will allow for plenty of sunshine...

As is always the case with these "spring-like" weather patterns, the magnitude of the warmth can change pretty quickly,

especially in coastal communities... And, last night's 00z solution of the G.F.S. (or, the U.S. version of the medium-range global

forecast model) is beginning to show signs of a cooler trend that the European global model has already been insisting will

unfold on Thursday and Friday... Let's not kid ourselves: even if the winds later this week turn more towards the east, and

temperatures wind up in the upper-50s or lower-60s by Friday, these values are still considered "above normal" for this time of

year... And, the culprit behind the cooling would be a 'back-door' front, associated with a low pressure system that would move

through New England before it heads out into the North Atlantic... Also, while there may be some cloudiness, a shower or

drizzle to contend with by later Friday or Friday night, this cooler weather pattern would not resemble anything "stormy"...

But, the facts are pretty obvious: It would feel more like early or mid-April around here by the end of this week, instead of the

middle of May... This isn't so bad -- but we'll tend to get "spoiled" by Spring Fever here during the next couple of days...

Have a good day!!

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