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Snow, Ice, Rain, & Yuk on the Slopfest Train Headed to NYC!

Have the rain gear at the ready now. It's all here is a couple of hours!

Precipitation is rolling in across the area pretty much on schedule. To the west, the

rain/snow line extends from about Lewisburg, PA to Stroudsburg and will probably set up

roughly from Patterson to Yonkers initially. The latest NAM implies a change to rain and sleet

during the course of the afternoon from the Poconos along the I-84 corridor after a few inches of

snow. Throughout the area there will be heavy precipitation for a time this afternoon and

evening with liquid amounts between a half inch to an inch. This will taper off overnight but it

likely remans damp and drizzle with some area of fog later tonight into tomorrow morning. I am

concerned about the temperature for tomorrow. 50 is about the highest I can see it. The low

levels remain pretty moist even into Friday so there are concerns that Friday is also pretty


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Diane  Palen

Its snowing herein hackettstown and grass covered

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