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Nice, Mild, & Sunny, Then the Wheels Come Off the Weather Wagon!

Snow Arrives Early Saturday With Bitter Cold to Accompany!

No changes aside from making Sunday "windy" rather than "brisk" . Snowfall

Saturday is still in that uncertain realm. While there is potential for as much as a few inches,

everything will on exactly where the surface low tracks and how strong it is. For what it is worth

the 12z NAM is somewhat beefier with the precipitation as it shows the track of the low a little

farther west. Of course a far enough west track would also mean Saturday is not quite as cold

yet and that some of the precipitation could take the form of rain, especially coast and Long


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tires las vegas

Good thing it doesn't snow much in Las Vegas because I hate putting snow chains on my tires when i use to live up in Colorado!

Sophia Adams

As much as I want to have snow, my kids would want the opposite. I don't know exactly why they don't want the snow aside from the reason that they cannot go out when heavy snow falls.

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