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A Beauty of A Spring Friday, Coming A Beauty of A Winter Saturday!

Sunny & 50 this PM gives way to Snow by 1am and a brutal cold wind by Sunday!


Based on latest information, not making any changes currently to the snowfall and

wind gust forecasts issued earlier.  There will be a period of time around daybreak

tomorrow when the temperature can be pretty close to freezing and that is the greatest chance of some

snow or slush collecting on roads. The other chance for road problems is tomorrow evening when the

temperature really plummets and at that time any wet and slushy areas can turn icy. Have removed the

"falling temperatures" wording for tomorrow as temperatures are shown to exhibit a pretty typical diurnal

curve with maybe a sharper then usual drop in the late afternoon and evening.



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What are the traveling conditions expected to be tomorrow on 95? We are leaving Union, NJ at 5am traveling 95N to Ledyard, Ct and leaving Ledyard around 3:30 pm returning to Union. I am considering cancelling the bus trip.

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