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A Rough 48 Hour Period of Weather for the NYC Area!

Rain this AM, then unsesonably mild leads to a cold blast tomorrow and through the weekend!

Good Morning,

Several changes are about to take place during the next few days... Rain associated with the latest

body of low pressure to move across the Eastern Region is going to be ending rather quickly later this

morning, ending from southwest to northeast... And, as we've seen so frequently the past several weeks,

there'll be plenty of mild air today in its wake... Most temperatures will be in the 50s, with some neighborhood

thermometers in South Jersey, Maryland, Delaware and southeastern Pennsylvania hitting 60... But arctic air is

also 'on the move', and that will be taking over later on tomorrow, tomorrow night and Saturday... In fact, the

latest model guidance implies that the 'coldest day' of the next five around here will actually be on Sunday,

when it may fail to get out of the 20s in the afternoon... There has also been talk about a weak low pressure

area, or "clipper" diving out of the north and west potentially bringing flurries and snow showers to the East this

weekend... While the 00z G.F.S. is more or less "downplaying" this scenario, and also showing that any snow

will be destined to occur as far south as Kentucky and western North Carolina, we must still keep an eye out

for this possibility farther north...

The leading edge of the much colder air is about to move through Chicago early this morning, and this will be

followed by periods of snow later on this morning, this afternoon and tonight... Altogether, there will be 3-6

inches in a city which should have already seen around a foot of snow since the start of December... But so far

this season, O'Hare Airport in Chicago has only had 1.9 inches... Tracking this arctic cold front as it moves

across western parts of New York State and Pennsylvania early tonight, a few rain showers will quickly change

over to snow after midnight, and it will become quite windy...

Winds today along the coast will gust as high as 40 mph as a low pressure system (located in eastern Virginia

as of 2 a.m. EST), or a "triple-point" low indicating secondary development pivots northeastward... For what

its worth, the "primary" body of low pressure early this morning was located back in central Ohio... As the

center of circulation of that secondary low moves along the coastal plain during midday and early this afternoon,

winds will actually die down quite a bit... By tomorrow, these winds will definitely be 'ramping up' once again,

as the arctic front marches on through... The bigger cities located east of the Appalachians will be seeing one

or two RAIN SHOWERS late tonight... Then tomorrow, a shower of rain and wet snow will occur tomorrow

morning, as much colder air begins to spread out across the area... Temperatures that will be hovering in the

lower or middle-40s for a while in the morning will be plummeting into the 30s in the afternoon, and winds out

of the west and northwest can gust as high as 40 or even 45 mph...

The balance of the weekend looks dry, but also cold with no less than partial sunshine both days...

Temperatures will be no higher than the 30s on Saturday, and probably below freezing on Sunday (again,

some communities failing to get out of the 20s)... As a high pressure system builds into areas east of the

Appalachians on Monday, the observation of Dr. Martin Luther King's Birthday, winds should be relatively

light, and it'll be fairly sunny... Temperatures will begin to 'rebound', and it wouldn't shock us if it managed to at

least return to the 40s on Tuesday and Wednesday... Rain, or a mixture of rain and snow may occur during

midweek before another "cold blast" arrives next Thursday... Have a good day !!!

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please tell mother nature she needs to retire i understand shes going through menopause but enough with the wacky weather

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