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Rain Ends Early and Then We're Off to Sunshine for the Christmas Weekend!

Rain gear necessary for the morning commute, but jackets and sunglasses for the afternoon!

Good Morning,

The latest wave of low pressure to bring a decent slug of rain to the area is, as we had

anticipated, moving at a very fast pace... Therefore, all of the rain should come to an abrupt end

from west to east before 7 a.m. (the earliest in the western suburbs, but the latest on eastern

Long Island and in southern Connecticut)... Temperatures will probably wind up within a couple

of degrees of 50... But, with the wind shifting to the north by early this afternoon, most of these

should roll back into the mid and upper-40s by the end of the day... Tonight will turn out partly

cloudy and noticeably colder... However, the normal low temperature is very close to 30, so this

should come as no big surprise...

Now that its obvious that there WILL NOT BE a storm impacting the region during the upcoming

Christmas holiday weekend, the sky cover and temperature forecasts are all that are left to

challenge us... A decent shot of arctic air currently located in eastern Canada will be unleashed

on northern New England tonight and tomorrow... However, the big, coastal cities located

between southern New England and the mid-Atlantic region won't be feeling the 'biggest impacts'

of this cold surge, which will bring temperatures no higher than the teens and 20s to northern

portions of Maine, Vermont and New Hampshire... That being said, most temperatures

tomorrow afternoon will either be in the upper-30s or the lower-40s --- and that's still a kind of

chill we haven't been exposed to very often (the last two Sundays being noteworthy


While there will be enough instability generated by the much colder air to yield some snow

shower activity in northern and eastern New England tomorrow, the rest of the region will have

dry conditions --- which is important for those who have plans to travel tomorrow (and plan on

reaching their holiday destinations by Christmas Eve)... High pressure is expected to be the

driving force behind the weather late tomorrow night and on Christmas Day, which will offer no

less than partial sunshine... Temperatures on Christmas Day should be mostly in the mid and

upper-40s... Although most of the models show another front pushing from the north late on

Sunday night and early Monday (while the "much talked-about storm" from earlier this week

slides out to sea via the Carolina Coast), there really won't be much of an impact on

temperatures around here... At most, temperatures on Monday afternoon will average 2-4

degrees lower than Sunday's...

The pattern throughout much of next week still looks remarkably quiet, as disturbances in both

the northern and southern branches of the jet stream roll through the eastern half of North

America with several hundred miles of room in between them... Or, in other words, there is no

evidence that 'phasing' will occur, which would result in a major Eastern storm...

Have a fabulous holiday weekend!!!!

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Kathy Busacca

Wow, Bill! You're not kidding. I live in Point Pleasant NJ. The wind just started howling and rain pelting the window. It changed in an instant. Come oooooon summer! Have a great day!



Just wanted to say thanks for your great forecasts. This weather graphic came through my Twitter feed last week and we used it in our classroom to teach about tornadoes. The kids seemed to love it so I wanted to shoot it over to you just in case you wanted to use it on your blog.


Thanks again for the accurate forecasts.

Bre Matthews
4th Grade Teacher

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