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Sunshine and Warmer Temps Start the Day in the NYC Area!

Melted snow makes it a bit warmer this morning as temps are closer to normal.

Good Morning,

The regional radar mosaic this morning is showing some rain associated with a wave of

low pressure along the mid-Atlantic Coast... It has rained lightly in Baltimore within the past

couple of hours, as well as in coastal sections of Virginia, Maryland's Eastern Shore, Delaware

and even in extreme South Jersey... We had talked yesterday about this low pressure system,

and it still appears that while most of the clouds will extend as far north and west as the I-95

corridor, the spotty rain will be confined to immediate coast through mid or late-morning, and

then the sun will manage to come out by early this afternoon as that wave of low pressure

heads out to sea... Judging by what we've seen as far as temperature trends in most locations

north and west of the big, coastal cities (which have plunged into the 30s), the sky isn't even

completely cloudy well inland...

There will be a ridge of high pressure re-establishing itself in the Eastern Region later today and

tonight as that weak area of low pressure cruises into the Atlantic, and that is going to provide

the area with some nice weather tomorrow and on Thursday... Although there may be a few fog

patches around for a while each morning, the afternoons will bring a decent amount of sunshine,

as well as temperatures mostly in the upper-50s and lower-60s...

As far as Friday is concerned, while we're still carrying the mention of a shower in our forecast,

the models seem to be showing a trend where a cold front approaching from the north and west

will be 'crumbling' over the central and northern Appalachians... At the same time, it looks like a

piece of vigorous jet stream energy, one which will 'break away' from the primary jet stream flow

across Missouri and southern Illinois on Thursday, will eventually drift eastward on Thursday

night before reaching the mid-Atlantic states on Friday... These are definitely "disjointed"

features, and it is difficult to say with a high level of confidence whether or not showers will

materialize on Friday... But, because the best upper-level dynamics are likely going to be placed

in areas SOUTH OF THE MASON-DIXON LINE, we tend to think that these are the spots that

are most favored to get some rain... After that, the upcoming weekend is looking tranquil, with

most temperatures in the upper-50s to around 60...

Have a good day !!!

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