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A Sunny Stretch of Dry, Cool Weather Right through the Weekend Around NYC!

A windy day today wiht temperatures still above normal.

Good Morning, 

The rain that has moved through the Tri-State Area ended around midnight, and it is now moving

across eastern New England on its way out to sea... In its wake, we do have a southwesterly wind this

morning that is averaging 10-20 mph with some gusts of around 25 mph... As the pressure gradient

surrounding a low pressure system over Lake Ontario continues to deepen, we do believe that this wind

will persist throughout much of the day today, but should begin to slacken off this afternoon... There

will be some sunshine, and temperatures will be mostly in the lower and middle-50s this afternoon...

Normally, that would sound quite mild on the final day of November -- and it still is roughly 5-7 degrees

above the seasonal averages... However, given just how warm the past couple of days have been, PLUS

the fact that there will be that gusty wind, it will definitely "feel" noticeably cooler...


Rainfall totals from yesterday/early last night were mostly under an inch... In fact, many reporting

stations only had between 0.30" and 0.50" -- so there were no serious flooding problems... And, it

appears that we need not worry about any rain across the Tri-State Area until early next week... To this

point, with one month left on the calendar, this is still the second-wettest year ever recorded in Central

Park -- with 68.81" as of midnight... The record is 80.56" from 1983... Therefore, if we got a 'foot of

rain' (or, the liquid equivalent thereof) during the month of December, we would establish a new all-time

record... This is doubtful, and we don't expect any widespread precipitation during the first four days of

the month... In case you are curious, the 'wettest ever December' in New York occurred in 1973, when

the total was 9.98"


With high pressure building into the region tonight, it will be chillier than recent nights with patchy

clouds breaking up after midnight... Most temperatures will wind up in the 30s... There will be a good

deal of sunshine and Friday, and temperatures should be mostly in the lower-50s...

On Friday night, a cold front will be pressing through the Northeast... We did talk about this boundary

yesterday, and how it would unlock some slightly chillier air for the start of the upcoming weekend,

before Sunday provides us with another bounce... It will be lacking any sufficient moisture, so while

there may be a 'few clouds' around here Friday night and early on Saturday, that'll be about it... Most

highs on Saturday will be in the mid and upper-40s, and then Sunday will be back in the 50s...


A stronger front is expected to arrive late on Monday or Monday night, and it could cause some rain

around here... The 'buzz' about next week though, is still surrounding the long-range model consensus

that the season's coldest air mass thus far is going to reach the East Coast at some point late in the

week (probably during the Thursday/Friday time frame)... While it is still too soon to tell if the leading

edge of this colder air will aid in the future development of a 'coastal storm', it still looks like we're

destined to have temperatures no higher than the 30s or lower-40s in most places...


Have a good day !!!

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Thom Madura

Bill - I would like to make you aware that there will be NO significant snow storms as there were last year - in the NY area. Last year - on Xmas day (note it snowed)- two neighbors borrowed my tractors (Complete with commercial snowblowers) and decided to have a race and flipped both of them - destroying them - which left me without snow removal equipment for a time. I did have to order new - and it only snowed until that equipment arrived - after which we had no further problems.
THis year I have a new Tractor with snowblower - a snowblower attachment on my Riding mower - a Walk behind snowblower and several new snow shovels for the walks -All ready.
No snow is likely to accumulate

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