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Sunshine, Windy, MIld Weather on the Way to the NYC Area!

A Beautiful Weekend is on the Way!!

Good Morning, * "official high" of 62 yesterday occurred at 11:59 p.m. (its been milder overnight)

The rain that we've encountered recently has managed to taper to a few showers and some

drizzle early this morning... Actually, with the steadiest rain having pushed into New England, the

fact that winds have shifted from their previous east and northeasterly direction more toward

the south after midnight has caused many temperatures to rise to levels higher than what

occurred yesterday afternoon... Temperatures were actually in in the lower-70s as of 2 a.m.

across most of South Jersey and near Philadelphia... But, as our true 'cool front' begins to pivot

to the north and east along the I-95 corridor, temperatures mostly in the mid and upper-60s early

this morning will hold steady, or slowly begin to fall as the day wears on... Its not too bad when

you head out the door early in the morning during the third week in October, and temperatures are

in the upper-60s, only to have them roll back into the lower or middle-60s (which are levels that

are much more typical for this time of year)... Another 'positive' is that, although some places

will encounter a shower for a while (probably before 6 or 7 a.m. -- and mostly north and east of

the City), the balance of the day will be dry with some sunshine returning... The wind will be

'picking up', and southwesterly winds averaging 12-25 mph this afternoon could gust to near 35

mph from time to time...

Our rainfall totals dating back to yesterday morning have been mainly 'around an inch' in the City,

with somewhat higher totals on central and eastern Long Island... While Islip had only picked up

1.21", Brookhaven has seen 1.78" and the Hamptons have had close to 2.44" of rain...

Meanwhile, in Sussex, New Jersey and Montgomery, New York (Orange County), rainfall has

amounted to 0.63" and 0.77", respectively... All in all, given the lack of a consensus amongst

those models when it came to rainfall amounts, the forecast worked out pretty well...

There will be some noticeably cooler air spreading out across the region tonight and tomorrow...

Many outlying areas, and even some of the larger cities and towns, will be in the 40s at daybreak

tomorrow -- assuming that winds should average 10-15 mph (or less) early tomorrow morning...

Most highs tomorrow, even despite plenty of sunshine, will be in the upper-50s and lower-60s

across the region... The upper-level wind pattern heading into the weekend is still showing a

trough axis that is carved out over the Northeast... And, while the trough won't be quite as 'deep'

as it will be today or tomorrow (with an upper-level low pressure circulation currently located in

the eastern Great Lakes poised to move northeastward and into Canada), it still appears that

Saturday's temperatures will be hard-pressed to get out of the lower-60s... The new guidance

seems to be implying that our previous forecasts were a couple of degrees too low, and some

minor tweaks have been made... However, the idea that the weekend will be featuring a fair

amount of sunshine and temperatures that are near the seasonal averages remains the same...

The next impulse of shortwave, or "upper-level" energy that could trigger a shower around here

will be arriving on Monday... Have a good day !!!



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