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Great, Sunny, Bright & Blue, Dry Weather for the NYC Area through the Weekend!

Temperatures will warm to 80 by Sunday and into Monday!

Good Morning, 

Today is getting off to a tranquil start, and we'll be seeing quite a bit of sunshine around

here over the next several days... There was a gusty breeze early last night as a back-door front

managed to push down from the north and east, but this won't tarnish what will be a very nice

day today... As we mentioned yesterday, most temperatures will be a bit lower this afternoon,

but only averaging 3-6 degrees under what we had attained yesterday... Actually, most

temperatures over the next two afternoons will peak very close to levels that are typical for this

time of year...


As a ridge of high pressure spreads out across the eastern third of the country, the air mass

associated with it will be quite dry... So, with a clear sky and very light winds tonight, most

temperatures will range from the mid and upper-30s in those typically colder spots (especially in

the sheltered valleys and other rural areas which are located well to the north and west of the

bigger cities) to near 50 along the immediate coast... Therefore, we'll have to mention that frost

could form early tomorrow morning, especially in the Hudson River Valley, across much of

northwestern New Jersey and in northeastern Pennsylvania -- perhaps even as far south as the

Lehigh Valley and in some of Philadelphia's northern suburbs...


Tomorrow, most temperatures should either reach the upper-60s or the lower-70s as the sun

shines brightly once again... Friday night won't be quite as chilly as tonight/early tomorrow

morning, but many rural spots will still wind up in the lower-40s...


There are no changes to our thinking regarding this weekend's forecast... We're still on track to

see temperatures climbing well into the 70s on Saturday, and both Sunday and Monday (the

observance of Columbus Day) will be even warmer with afternoon temperatures close to 80...

While some of the previous thinking in our office has been that the next chance for rain (probably

during the middle or later stages of next week) would occur as the direct result of a cool front

pushing in from the north and west, the potential for a storm forming along the Southeast Coast

and moving up the Eastern Seaboard during the second half of next week may be an eventual



For example, if last night's 00z G.F.S. were to verify, then some rain

associated with a wave of low pressure moving up the mid-Atlantic Coast could soak the area

from late Thursday or Thursday night into Friday of next week.... It'll be interesting to follow this

over the next several days, but let's just enjoy the current pattern for as long as it lasts!!!


Have a good day...

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Thanks, I'm going to have nightmares tonight.

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