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A Hazy, Hot, and Humid Weekend for NYC, Real Feel 105-115 Degrees!

The Extreme HEat Will Last Through the Weekend!

Good Morning,

Temperatures are no lower than the 80s in most places early this morning, and with such

high humidity, it actually "feels like" its in the middle and upper-90s as of 3 a.m. across parts of

the Tri-State Area!!! Temperatures during the same hour yesterday morning were mostly in the

mid-70s... Since most places are running close to ten degrees higher early today, it certainly

looks as if the mercury will wind up very close to or even a couple of degrees above 100 in the

City this afternoon... Bear in mind that the current record highs for both Central Park and Newark

are 101 (both set on this date in 1957), and Newark already broke their record for yesterday's

date by reaching 103... The old record was 102, set in 1977 and tied in 1991... With the humidity

remaining high and most dewpoint temperatures probably no lower than 70, it will "Feel Like" its

as high as 115 degrees in some communities this afternoon -- not to be taken lightly!!!

We haven't seen any of the low clouds or fog form along the south-facing shores that was

prevalent early yesterday, and the sky today will just feature lots of hazy sunshine... With such

tremendous heat at the surface and much warmer than normal air aloft, there won't be any real

support for widespread convection this afternoon... The atmosphere will be sufficiently 'capped',

and most winds will be out of the west and northwest... The upcoming night will be very warm

and humid, much like this past one, and the temperature will be no lower than the 80s in the

largest cities and towns...

The weekend will be getting off to a very hot and humid start tomorrow... While the actual high

temperatures will probably average 2-4 degrees lower than today's it will probably still be close

to 100 in Newark, in the mid and upper-90s across much of the rest of the Tri-State Area and near

90 at the beaches... There will be some relief from the excessive heat and humidity on Sunday,

but we will first be looking at the possibility of some thunderstorms... Certainly, the rain will be

welcome -- and our best guess at this point is that the widely-separated thunderstorms which

will accompany a front pressing southward will either occur very late tomorrow or tomorrow

night... By Sunday, the focal point of any showers and thunderstorms should be on areas south

and west of the City, mostly in southeastern Pennsylvania and in South Jersey... Temperatures

should still be very close to 90 on Sunday, with no less than partial sunshine...

Real relief from this stifling heat and humidity will be arriving early next week, when temperatures

should be mostly in the mid-80s on Monday and Tuesday... A second front pressing down from

the north and west may bring a shower or thunderstorm later on Monday, or Monday night into

Tuesday... We'll pin down the details of the timing and where and when how much rain will fall

during the next couple of days... But for now, we should just be thankful that this dangerous heat

will be coming to an end...

Drink lots of water and stay cool and dry!

Have a good weekend !!!

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Hi Bill!
Love your blog :-)
My friends and I are thinking of heading to Jones beach about 9 this morning. D0 you think there will be any relief from the heat out there ? Or is it just a scorcher everywhere in the tristate today?


Hi Bill!
Love your blog :-)
My friends and I are thinking of heading to Jones beach about 9 this morning. D0 you think there will be any relief from the heat out there ? Or is it just a scorcher everywhere in the tristate today?

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