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Thundersleet Last Night!!!!!!!!! Whoa! You don't hear that often!

Snow is leaving and cold air is pouring into the NYC area.

Good Morning,

As precipitation continues to spread out across the Tri-State Area early this morning, there

were some areas of snow, rain and even a few locations that were getting a combination of

BOTH as of 3 a.m. -- the situation will pretty much be changing hourly as the morning wears on...

And while this precipitation has been coming down hard enough in spots to bring down

temperatures several degrees (for example, from 42 degrees in Central Park as of 1 a.m. to 33 as

of 3 a.m.), its intensity will be decreasing later this morning... So, for those places that get a

couple of hours of snow and a slushy accumulation of a coating to an inch or so, that lighter

intensity after 9 a.m. should allow for snow to either mix with, or even completely change back

over to rain, especially in the City and in most coastal communities... For many those places

which are located farther north and west, especially north and west of I-287, the period snow

and some sleet which will be occurring this morning probably won't mix with any rain until this

afternoon, if it does at all... The highest elevations will do the best in this particular storm, with

some places getting more than 6 inches... Conversely, in the City, a slushy coating of snow

early today on non-paved surfaces should get washed away by rain during midday... See our

current maps for storm total snow and ice accumulation... We're trying to convey the idea that

while there should be inch or less of snow which gets washed away by rain in the City and in

most nearby suburbs, an eventual change back over to snow early tonight could bring yet

another small, slushy accumulation... Meanwhile, in some distant northern and western suburbs,

where there will be less rain (and mixing, in general), the accumulation will exceed 3 inches...

One wave of low pressure is moving across the Ohio Valley early this morning, and some

secondary development is anticipated tonight along the coasts of eastern Maryland and

Delaware... This should prolong the precipitation just enough to bring a round of snow after it

gets dark, and there may be a few slick spots on untreated surfaces after midnight tonight...

Temperatures will be critical throughout the duration of this event, since most will probably fail

to get out of the mid or upper-30s today, and should drop into the mid-30s tonight... Obviously,

the colder it gets, the more slick spots there will be late tonight and early tomorrow morning...

As the secondary low pressure system heads out to sea early tomorrow, there should be plenty

of clouds, but nothing more than a leftover shower of snow, or snow mixed with rain... Highs

will be in the 40s...

A polar vortex located in eastern Canada late this week will induce a brisk, northwesterly flow of

air from the surface on up to several-thousand feet... Therefore, while Friday and Saturday are

looking like dry days with at least some sunshine, temperatures will be 5-10 degrees BELOW the

seasonal averages... There is going to be a new wave of low pressure forming in the Plains late

on Friday, which could be a source of some snow and rain here on Sunday... We'll keep you

posted... Have a good day!!!


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