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Brisk, Blustery & Cold Today in NYC!

Still Watching for A White Christmas!

Good Morning,

This morning's weather map still shows an ocean storm, which continues to push moisture

back into New England, as well as a weakening "clipper"... The disturbance that is now

approaching the Great Lakes has brought a few inches of snow to parts of the Midwest, while

the other feature in the Atlantic has led to as much as a foot of snow in portions of southeastern

Massachusetts... While there has only been an inch or two in Boston since yesterday morning,

the "elbow" region of Cape Cod got MUCH more, including a foot in Chatham, Massachusetts...

Temperatures in the region today will be mostly in the mid and upper-30s, and many coastal

communities will still encounter a brisk, northwesterly wind from time to time... Some of the

gusts inland will be between 15 and 20 mph, while those much closer to the coast will be as high

as 25 or 30 mph... There will be no less than partial sunshine today, and with an upper-level short

wave disturbance sliding across the Ohio Valley and into the Virginia/Maryland Area later this

afternoon and early tonight, those who will have the best shot of getting a flurry (and even those

chances are quite slim) will be near and just to the SOUTH of the Mason-Dixon Line...

For all intents and purposes, New York, New Jersey, the eastern two-thirds of Pennsylvania and

Delaware will be pinned in between these two systems, resulting in a 'less than active' weather

pattern for the next couple of days... There'll probably be some clouds around tonight and

tomorrow, but little or no precipitation...

The focus continues to be on the upcoming holiday weekend, and we'll continue to monitor the

future development of a low pressure system in the southern tier of states late this week...

There's more of a consensus being built now amongst the global forecast models when it comes

to timing the next round of snow... It appears that it'll spread from southwest to northeast very

late on Christmas Day or Christmas night -- then the bulk, or 'true meat of this snow event' will

occur along the mid-Atlantic and Northeast coasts on Sunday... It essentially is a compromise

between the swifter, more progressive look of the G.F.S. and the slower European... There's still

lots of time to study this, but the preliminary indications are that a snow storm this weekend will

have the potential to disrupt travel on the DAY AFTER Christmas, and perhaps even for those

who'll be heading back to work on Monday... But through Saturday night or early Sunday, we can

envision how much of the region gets little or no measurable precipitation...

Have a good day!!!


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