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Gusty Thunderstorms for Wednesday Morning and Much of the Day!

Really warm again today and tomorrow>

Good Morning,

A rapidly weakening area of rain showers has all but dissipated across the City's northern

suburbs early this morning... Also, just about all of the rain that occurred yesterday afternoon

and evening to the west of the City lifted northward across northeastern Pennsylvania and into

upstate New York and western New England during the night... A light, southerly wind is bringing

a very mild morning to the entire Tri-State Area, with most temperatures at daybreak expected

to be a few degrees ABOVE most typical daytime highs in late-October...

By and large, even despite clouds on a few occasions, the weather today and early tonight will

be rain-free... Today being another unseasonably warm day with temperatures mostly in the

lower and middle-70s... Those places which are in close proximity to the ocean (like coastal

Connecticut and Long Island's South Shore) will be the coolest locations -- but even these

places will be in the upper-60s, like they were yesterday...

The focus of our attention late tonight and tomorrow will be turning to the Great Lakes and the

Ohio Valley... A rapidly intensifying area of low pressure in the Dakotas early this morning is

going to push a cold front through the Midwest today and early tonight... In fact, the Storm

Prediction Center in Norman, OK has placed much of Indiana and western Ohio in their "high risk"

category for severe weather for today... Most vertical wind profiles are showing that some

incredibly strong jet stream energy will be getting transfered down to the surface, and I firmly

believe that the "big national weather headlines" during the next 48 hours will involve stories

about damaging wind gusts in excess of 60 mph, and even a few tornadoes in this region of the

country... Some of the larger metropolitan areas that will be impacted by winds gusting to at

least 60 mph include: Chicago, Detroit, Indianapolis, St. Louis (mostly this morning) and

Cincinnati (mostly this afternoon)... Even though a lot of the upper-level support for these

powerful winds and strong thunderstorms will be lifting out to the north and into Canada late

tonight and tomorrow, we still believe that a corridor of showers and a few embedded heavier

thunderstorms will manage to follow this front as it marches to the Eastern Seaboard late

tonight and tomorrow... In fact, with a lot of the global models showing that the winds aloft will

become 'parallel to' the surface front tomorrow afternoon and evening, there will probably be

more than just a handful of showers and thunderstorms -- they can happen at almost any time

late tonight and throughout the day tomorrow...

We're still anticipating the start of a 'cooling trend', albeit modest on Thursday, with drier air

bringing us plenty of sunshine, and then some noticeably cooler air will filter into the Northeast

and the mid-Atlantic states on Friday and Saturday... Have a good day !!!

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