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Get your rain gear for the morning commute.

Late breaks of sun and great baeball weather.




Good Morning,

The regional radar mosaic early this morning is showing a 'fine line' being drawn over the

Tri-State Area, between those places which are getting some rain and drizzle, and those which

aren't... The "wave train" continues to chug eastward, as a series of ripples of shortwave energy

move from west to east --- and a nearly stationary front draped over the mid-Atlantic states (and

south of the Tri-State Area) remains the 'railroad track'... The rain extends all the way back

across the southern Tier of counties in Pennsylvania and ends in southern Ohio, and we still feel

strongly that those areas which have gotten around a quarter of an inch of rain overnight will be

getting most of what's left of this rain for the balance of this morning... Most of the City's

northern suburbs will remain rather cloudy for several hours, but also rain-free... Conversely, we

envision that the rain and drizzle should continue until at least 10 or 11 a.m. across central and

southern portions of New Jersey before ending close to lunchtime... The City is in on the

northern fringes of the rain, and there should at least be some spotty rain and drizzle occurring

early this morning before clouds try to break for some sunshine this afternoon...

So, keeping with the idea the wettest places will be located south of the City, we will address

this rain and drizzle for the next several hours... This should be followed by clouds that will break

for some sun much more readily this afternoon in those northern suburbs -- but they will be more

stubborn across the south... Temperatures will be in the upper-50s and lower-60s (and not far

from 59 in the City)... Tonight, the focal point of rain will be mostly on areas SOUTH of the

Mason-Dixon Line, and there will be dry weather in the Bronx for Game Four of the A.L.C.S. with

a first pitch temperature around 56 degrees...

There's going to be yet another one of these low pressure waves developing to our south late

tonight and tomorrow morning, which is expected to bring more rain to extreme southern New

Jersey, as well as to Maryland and Delaware... The wave by tomorrow morning should be very

close to the coast, and it could actually bring a few sprinkles to the Jersey Shore before it

exits... Meanwhile, much of the rest of the Garden State, as well as the City and its adjacent

suburbs will have some sunshine, and temperatures mostly in the lower or middle-60s...

The models are all still showing a pretty strong cold front on Thursday that will be approaching

us from the north and west, and that will probably trigger one or two showers here before

clearing occurs on Thursday night... Friday should be a sunny, but also much COOLER day with

temperatures no higher than the mid and upper-50s... Temperatures rebound over the weekend,

although while Saturday looks nice, there could be a couple of showers on Sunday...

Have a good day !!!




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