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Transcript of Interview with David Good and Natalie Getz

Here is the full transcript of the interview with "Bachelor Pad" winners David Good and Natalie Getz!


Question:    Natalie, my first question is for you.  Earlier in the competition you were voted most likely to be a bridesmaid yet you walked away with a relationship.  So what do you have to say to the other girls who came away single?  

Natalie Getz:    You know, honestly, at the time that hurt because I was sleep deprived and I have a lot of emotions in that game but I don't believe in that statement at all.  And I was not there to find love.  You know, initially, I was there for the money so I wasn't trying to show people my sensitive relationship side.  I was there for the game first and foremost.  


And the fact that Dave and I - you know what, it's not like we're in serous relationship but we definitely have a little bit more than a friendship going on.  And I think it's exciting that, you know, Natalie walked away with a prize money but with a - more with the relationship with Dave.  So they can bite me.  

Question:    Dave, when they - we're hesitating before Natalie revealed what she decided to do.  What was going through your head?  Did you think she was going to share the money or keep it for herself?

David Good:    Well, I thought going in there that she's definitely going to share the money because she's a stand-up girl and that's the way we played the game together.  

And when she said, "Can I say something?"  And the look at her face, my heart sunk and I thought I'm going to have to walk out of here or I'm going to tackle her on stage if she says "teeth".  So it was a - that was a real emotion right there.  I was really nervous for her.  

Question:    OK, so how surprised were you when Kiptyn and Tenley decided that you would be the couple that would go through with them?  And don't you think they had to consider who they can win against?  

David Good:    You know, I wasn't as surprised as I think some people because I got Kiptyn through two rounds by really working strategically with him and pulling for him and getting people to swing vote a certain way.  

And I had done the same for Kovacs.  I had done the same thing for him once.  Getting people to vote his way.  And it's really working.  And I was never on the chopping block.  So my name was never up for - to be voted off, not one time.  

So nobody ever had to help me or pull for me, and the fact that I helped Kiptyn and Jesse to get to that point.  And Kiptyn knew that and Tenley knew that, and that's what - you know it's one of the reasons they're such stand-up people.  

You know what, I do think that - and Jesse would have been better for them.  They would have a better chance for them than Natalie and I.  But you know they kept stuck to their guns and that's why they're such stand-up people and they remembered what has happened.  

Question:    OK.  Natalie?  

Natalie Getz:    I agree.  I agree with Dave.  

Tenley and I, you know, we definitely had our little past going and Tenley and I are really good friends.  We're friends going into the show.  And I was actually still nervous as Dave knows.  I get nervous every (rose) ceremony.

David Good:    That's true.  

Natalie Getz:    But I'm - I mean going to it honestly, Tenley never really looked at me and said, you're fine, don't worry, we're going to pick you.  She never did that.  So honestly, I was like, oh my gosh, what is she going to do?  Because what they said strategically for those two, they would have a better chance had they picked Elizabeth and Kovacs.  

But I think that - like Dave said they are sensitive people and we stuck through to her word and see with friendship versus strategy and I thank them so much for that because that was obviously what got Dave and I the prize money.  And I kind of - I feel bad about it but I just proved how good a people those two are.

Question:  And for Dave, how did you feel when you found out that Wes, who would you call the name, voted for you?  

David Good:    Mm-hmm.  How do I feel? You know, to be honest with you, I wasn't really surprised because we - on the show there, before the vote came out, you know, I called them out and we talked our problem, our issues out.  

You know, face to face, man to man, and you know Wes is one of my friends, just like he's one of Natalie's friends before the show.  And we had our moments where we got upset with each other and I think that's because we are friends.  

And you know what?  Everybody doesn't always get along in friendships and you know we had an argument.  But just because we had an argument and I called him a name doesn't mean that he's going to, you know, turn his back on me when it really counts because, you know, he's one of my friends.  So no, honestly, I thought Wes would vote for me.

Jennifer Matarese:    OK.  This next question is for the both of you.  So that you kind have a casual yet more than friendship-relationship.  So is there a next step or when are you guys planning on seeing each other again?  

Natalie Getz:    Well, Dave wants more.  

Jennifer Matarese:    What was that?  

Natalie Getz:    I said Dave wants more of course.

No, Dave and I, you know, we kind of talked about now that we've won this money and we can kind of like split our getaway.  It would be fun to take a vacation, go somewhere tropical and fun and kind of celebrate together.  And so I don't know.  We haven't actually talked about that yet because of the distance, so crazy busy celebrating.

David Good:    Yes.  Well, it is.  It's difficult right now.  It's like we win the money and all this.  And now we're - this is the busiest time of our life.  And we live 2,000 miles apart.  And we - you know, we need to capitalize on it and do the right things and go,  and meet with people and do these interviews and everything.  And it's - well, it's been difficult for us but she's right.  When all of this is said and done before I go to pack it up and go away by itself so we can actually spend some time together.  

Jennifer Matarese:    Great.  And what's the first thing that both of you are you going to do or have already done with the money?  

David Good:    I'm going to - I've already started getting my man code book in line  So you can purchase that online already.  That's what I'm putting a lot of money towards.  

Natalie Getz:    Well, I'm not going to lie.  I bought two new pairs of shoes.  Already.  And I need to pay off my student loans because that's what definitely been a stress.  Every morning I wake up and stress out because of those loans.  So that's the best viewing and then I don't know, kind of be smart about it, invest it, check out that charity for prostate cancer I talked about and we'll see.  Then it'll probably be all gone.  

Question:    Hi.  You mentioned just a second ago that you've been crazy busy celebrating.  What exactly did you do or how did you celebrate?  

David Good:    Go ahead, Natalie.  

Natalie Getz:    Last night, I watched the episode with about eight of my girlfriends, just kind of got catch it small.  And - let's see.  I don't know.  I've just been talking on the phone to all my friends and my family.  And kind of celebrating over the phone since I was so far away from them.  I'm living in L.A. and them in Chicago.  

I just have different friends taking me out.  I went to Washington D.C. over the weekend.   That was awesome.  And it just honestly hasn't even hit me yet.  I feel like it still seems so surreal.

David Good:    Yes.  I just - I just got home from filming that show for the first time so I only got home last night at 7:30 and the show came on at 8:00.  So I watched it with my roommate and I would last - obviously my phone lit, I talked to my family and all my friends and stuff.  

But I haven't really had to time to celebrate it yet.  I've kind of been on the road working.  So trying to get some stuff done.  But I definitely plan on it.  

One of these weekends here I'm going to - I'm trying to get us something big with Natalie.   We're going to have a party for everybody on the show and everybody involved, so we're not selfish with the money.  We can celebrate with the people that helped get us there.  But we're working on that.  

And I'm sure you guys will hear about it because it's not going to be a small bash.  It's going to be somewhere big and it's going to be something big.

Questioner:    Well, it sounds good.  

Natalie Getz:    It's going to be so much and Dave is going to pay for it.  

David Good:    Yes.  

Natalie Getz:    He never agreed to that.  

Question:    And then what are your plans for the future then in terms of career?  Are you kind of going back to what you were doing or do you think you'd like to continue in television if the opportunity came up?  

Natalie Getz:    I'm good.  OK.  Dave, go ahead.  

David Good:    No, go ahead, go ahead.  

Natalie Getz:    I mean, I - before I went to "The Bachelor", I've never even thought about doing anything TV related, obviously.  My focus is the fashion industry.  But it's nice now because I was in HR for years.  I got laid off, decided to do these shows for "The Bachelor Pad."  

And it's so nice that I won this money because now I can actually go back to what I went to school for and my focus is fashion styling.  And I'm gaining connections and networking slowly in the entertainment industry hoping to get there.  

And it's nice because you need money to kind of focus on that.  On (inaudible) because it's not a high-paying job at first.  So it's kind of cool that I don't have to go back into HR which I didn't really desire but the but the money was there.  And I can kind of focus on what I really went to school for so.

David Good:    I myself, I'm going to a six-month, 100-city book tour as soon as my book releases.  Probably around the end of November I'll be doing a book tour so that's going to take up quite a bit of a time.  

And then I want to go from there.  I'm going to see how much that pans out and where I go from there.

Question:    Natalie, I was wondering if you could explain the vote in which Peyton and Jesse B. got eliminated.  Last night's episode it's kind of seemed all over the map first.  You seemed to think sending him, keeping him was the right thing, then you seemed to decide sending him home was the right thing, and then the finale last night seems to show you're regretting it again?  

Natalie Getz:    Right.  Obviously those - we need to leave suspense to the audience and we need to make it look not so obvious that Jesse B. and Peyton were going home?  And originally, I, you know thought, OK, we've got our friends super far.  Strategically, it'd be smart to keep Jesse B. and Peyton around because they don't know each other and I feel like they'd be the easy couple to beat.  

And Tenley and I we're talking about it which everyone saw.  And I went to Dave and told him I'd be on our date.  And Dave and I had a talk with Kovacs there's way.  By the time they have attacked Tenley so right there and there it was a done and we knew what we had to do.  

But then when Peyton asked me for advice and that she had me saying, "I'm not going to lie to you, it doesn't look great for you, but if I were in your shoes, I would go to every single person left in this house then tell them why you guys are picking them because they're the weakest couple.

So I was giving her advice because I left Peyton and trying to tell her what to do, but at the same time it's not like I was telling her, oh, I'm so totally not going to vote for you, guys, you know.  

But I understand the show had to keep that suspenseful and keep it focused otherwise it wouldn't have been a good episode if it was so obvious that those two were going home.  But I think they knew.  I know Peyton did.  Jesse B. maybe.  

Question:    And yourself and Natalie never seriously considered voting them - keeping them and sending...

Natalie Getz:    Do we never considered?  I did, I considered it for a while until Dave said no way, I have a pack with Kovacs.  And honestly, Dave and I as were witness as a team we could not go against each other's words and I have not trust my partner and trusted what we got us the money and so I'm glad that I got to stuck with that through.  

Question:    I guess, Dave, that is my kind of question for you.  If you guys are fortunate to win the challenge out there would you have been continue to push to honor to attack Jesse and take him to the end.  

David Good:    Oh, yes.  

That would - I think I'm glad, Natalie and I were glad we did not make that decision because that could have been a difficult decision.  I would have been an argument till the end to see who's going to a, it would be clearly I have won but I'm just saying.

Natalie Getz:    So you think.  

Question:    OK.  And just one last question for your both of you guys.  What do you guys think could have won instead of Kiptyn and Tenley?  

Natalie Getz:    Dave, can explain this best.  

David Good:    I honestly think we won - Kiptyn and Tenley are like some of the best people on the planet.  But I think Natalie and I are more outspoken and in a short amount of time that we were in the house.  

In the house because we are more outspoken and a little bit stand point.  We kind of you know, we make friendship faster, you know we are not - we make friendship faster with the people in the house.  I think they remembered that.  

And you know they have a lot of fun with us, a little bit fun with us.  And did Tenley and Kiptyn and so in that short amount of time when we became get closer friends and that's what it came down at the end last night and that's why we get so many votes because they felt closer to us than they did them.  It's nothing to.

Questioner:    You think the fact they voted ...

David Good:    It's nothing to do with the character or anything like that because, I mean like I said that you stand up for people, it's just about the short amount of time the friendship we have made.  

Natalie Getz:    I think the fact that there are more girls in the show and Dave has a big mouthful.  Oh I'm just kidding.  

Question:    it's that true?  

Natalie Getz:    Yes.  That's true.  

David Good:    Because it's a contest.  

Question:    Do you think the fact that they got to see the episodes before the vote played the role?

Natalie Getz:    Absolutely and actually, I was so nervous because honestly like I, everyone kind of knows me that I say funny things not kind of my thing with my some vice but it did make me a little more nervous because I kind of hook fun with Elizabeth and Kovacs with the end of thing.  And I thought going to finale I know Kovacs' vote but as long as Elizabeth is upset of me, making fun of our dancing.  But now people are taking everything with the green salt.

But that was one thing Dave and I were super nervous about us.  How they were going to added the show as they are going to make us play jerk until we can we and Kyptyn looks like God's children and we were worried about that but they did a good job on putting everything pretty exactly.

Question:    This question is for both of you.  Obviously, winning the money made going to the show really worth it but if you have not won the money last night would you still the show it was worth it to give up your lives for couple of months in going to the show?

David Good:    Yes.

Natalie Getz:    Absolutely.

David Good:    We made some good good friends.  Friendship that we will carry for the rest of our lives from the show, that's no joke.  I'm still like - from The Bachelorette, I'm still friends with Kiptyn, Jesse Kovacs was one of my best friends, Wes is one of my friends and now they continues.  You share something with this people that you don't share with anybody else in the world.  And we became really close in the house with this people.  

I mean three weeks, four weeks in the house someone like that, we locked in there is literally as much time I spent with my other friends for a year.  It's literally is, your with them 24/7 that long, and you're going through a lot with each other.  You are sharing emotions, you're sharing your feelings and everybody is shrinking and hanging out and it's like by the end of couple of days you feel these people inside and out.

Natalie Getz:    I agree.  On The Bachelor I did not have a lot of time because everybody is freaking out about winning a guy.  But on The Bachelor Pad, it's all your closest friends with nothing to do but have fun.  No responsibilities in the world but to have fun.  And I don't know, I will not take it back for anything even though I've lost the money and like Dave said we've -- we've gone to -- and gain so many friendship that the whole experience was so awesome.

Question:    Now Bachelor Pad mixed it up a little bit throw up a dancing with the stars are you guys did pretty well, any chance would be either of you in the upcoming event if they have asked you?  

David Good:    I sure hope so.  I would love to do it.

Natalie Getz:    I would die to be on that show.  That would be so much fun, we - Dave and I had so much fun that day.  I think we both impress each other and or so with our dance move.

David Good:    We did well, I wish you guys could have seen it in full thing done in rehearsal when we actually nailed down the whole thing.  It was a good dance and we just kind of choked up little bit there until the end but you know it would work out but that's the way it was meant to be.  

Natalie Getz:    Yes.  That was really frustrating because we are both competitive and the one chance that we had to do something dancing with the stars, you know we kind of messed up and got out of focus in the dance.  But like they said everything happens for a reason and were happy we are here so.

Question:     One thing I wanted to ask, few of my questions has already been asked so came out with another one here.  Were you surprised at all to see Wes and Gia together?

Natalie Getz:    I don't really think that they are "together" together.  But it was not surprising to see Krisily and Gia between the two because Wes obviously very into Gia.  And Gia woke me up last night, she was little uncomfortable with Wes, you know turn herself by him but I think she confused with Jonathan and Kiptyn, if they leave in the same area they probably together.

Question:    OK.  What about the outcome of the relationship between Elizabeth and Kovacs? Was that a surprise at all?

David Good:    Nope.

Question:    Can you elaborate on that?

David Good:    First of, they are both my friends, and I love them to death, separate, and I do not like them when they are together.  I don't think they're good - a good mess, obviously.  And I'm happy for both of them because I know they're going to be both happy.  They are going to end up with somebody.  But I'm glad they are not together because you can see why.

Question:    Dave, earlier in the call you were - I'm sorry - earlier in the call you guys mentioned you both thought that Kiptyn and Tenley would have better chance in winning if they have taken Jesse and Elizabeth.  Do you think they would actually have won or do you think the vote would be closer?

David Good:    I think when it came down to a vote between Elizabeth and Jesse, and Kiptyn-Tenley, Tenley and Kiptyn would have won.

Natalie Getz:    OK.

Question:    OK.  And I know Dave you have mentioned earlier in the call that you have been stuck with Natalie supposed the money, did either one of you ever briefly considered trying to keep it all for yourself?

David Good:    It was definitely at the back of my head of course, I knew Natalie will going to pick Michelle, I just - at least at the end of the show I knew she would.  And so of course I'm thinking I'm holding, you know at the end if I keep Keep I'm going to have 250 grand but I'm also going to throw up to the face of somebody I really care about and you know is $125,000 is more worth it.  And it was not.  And it's still not.

Natalie Getz:    And I had - I know Dave going to pick Michelle but on the chance that he pick Keep, it would be stupid of me to pick Keep, because neither of us will take the money so right away I said "Perfect, I'm going to pick Michelle, either we split it or he has it." So that's the only thing going to my mind and right away it was an easy decision.

Question:    What was the comment you were looking to make before you revealed your decision?

David Good:    You said, you could say something.

Natalie Getz:    I was just trying to joking around, because Dave and I, you know from the beginning we both get invited to going to The Bachelor Pad that would be awesome if we are blessed to see any real power couple.  And you know it's been so real that we actually were able to make it happen.  I just thought it was funniest thing a whole joke and say "you know we got each other as far as we could, now it's the end of a woman to tell him.  It's time to be selfish and do what you can do to win the money and just trying to make some things that maybe to pick keep but ...

David Good:    Yes.  It's really f***ing funny.

Natalie Getz:    Trying to spice on it a little.

David Good:    Yes...

Natalie Getz:    Sorry Dave.

David Good:    Yes.

Natalie Getz:    You fake.  You love me.

Jennifer Matarese:    Hi again.  There was some rumor that you hang out with Jessie again, is there truth with that?

David Good:    No, there is no truth with that.  No.

Jennifer Matarese:    OK.

Natalie Getz:    With what? I'm kidding.

Jennifer Matarese:    The other question is were you surprised when you saw the replay that Krisily had hidden feelings for you that she didn't express?

David Good:    Yes.  I was, when I watch the show, I was really surprised.  Because she never did express it and I never felt that way I guess, maybe I was naïve on the show.  But I never saw it, never felt that way on the show.  I was a little surprise.  But you know we have funny relationship because she's so brutal honest and so am I like we kind of in that we really respect each other over the show and I think so she turned to Natalie, and that's why she voted for and end as well and because of that respect thing.

Jennifer Matarese:    OK.  Thank you.

Natalie Getz:    I was a little frustrated when Krisily and Nikki said that comment last night about "Natalie might pick Keep" I don't know if the producer made them said it or not, or ask them to say it when she said "Natalie is about herself she might pick Keep cause" that is some kind of frustrating to us too.  Kind of little bit hate her, cause I was not born and raise to be all of myself.  I'm always been please helpless and end of people and that some kind of bulls***t.

Jennifer Matarese:    OK.

So that was a really interesting interview right?  They said so much about EVERYTHING that happened on the show.  I'm so bummed that we have to wait all the way until JANUARY for a new season of "The Bachelor" but, I'll continue to update here with plenty of gossip so stay tuned!

Hugs, Kisses & Roses,

Jennifer Matarese


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