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More engagements, and Body Painting group date photos

Some happy news today!  There are two more Bachelor/Bachelorette engagements to announce.  "Bachelor and Bachelorette" contestant Deanna Pappas is engaged to former "Bachelorette" contestant Michael Stagliano's identical twin brother Stephen. 

Deanna pappas

It's official, it's on her twitter page people.  But don't feel bad for Michael, he's also engaged, and to "Bachelor" contestant Holly Durst!  If that isn't enough, the four say they are going to have a DOUBLE WEDDING!  How very Brady Bunch of them!   Best wishes for a happy engagement and wedding :)

Also, here are some preview photos of the next group date on "Bachelor Pad"!  Looks like Jonathan Novack wins a challenge and picks Ashley Elmore, Gwen Gioia, and Peyton Wright to go on the date with him.  Gwen, seriously girl, everyone wants to date you!  Or, is it purely strategy.  You'll remember Craig invited her on his group date on the first episode.  Anyway, the foursome channels their artsy sides and they do some body painting!

Body painting before 1 

Body paint before 2

Body paint before 3

Body paint before 4

Body paint before 5

Body paint before 6 
Body paint before 7 
Body paint before 8 
Body paint 1 
Body paint 2 
Body paint 3 
Body paint 4 
Body paint 5 
Body paint 6 
Body paint 7 
Body paint 8

Body paint 9 
Body paint 10

Body paint 11

I hope you enjoyed those photos!  Wow, they have great bodies, even if they are covered in a bunch of paint goo. 

Tomorrow, I plan to post pictures from the challenge back at the house!

Hugs, Kisses & Roses,

Jennifer Matarese



Hi, my name is Ashley,

I've seen many of TV shows to have this body paint as a date or just for fun. I was wondering if there's any place like that in California? That looks like something my boyfriend and i would enjoy very much. And I've been looking and cant seem to find anything like it. If there is any places like that, can you please tell where i could find it.

Thank you so much,


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