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Krisily: I Was Just Saying What Everyone Else Was Thinking

Krisily Kennedy was voted out of the "Bachelor Pad" last night along with Wes.  She took some time out to answer some questions about her time on the show today in a conference call interview.


When I asked her if she was still interested in Dave Good she said, “No, no, no! I lost interest in him when I saw him in the fantasy suite with Natalie.”

Krisily went on to say that she thinks it will be interesting to see how things are between her and Dave at the finale now that he knows that she was interested in him.

She says that she doesn’t see the relationship between Dave and Natalie lasting very long and that he only really went for her because “she’s a sure thing”. She says that she respects her and loves her free spirit though.

Krisily also has some very harsh feelings towards Kiptyn after last night. She, as well as Gia, blames him for casting the deciding vote that knocked them out of the house. If I were Krisily, I would have blamed Dave more since she says they would have talks each week about who was getting voted out of the house. Krisily said that we didn’t get to see much of their friendship/relationship in the show, but they made sure to talk about who would be going home out of the girls each week and she trusted him.

She says she wishes that he would have come to her after the fact, and told her it was probably going to be her voted out so she might have had enough time to go find Kiptyn and try to change his mind.

When it comes to the survey, Krisily said that she wasn’t shocked by the answers. She said the questions were all pretty much demeaning and they totally went after things that people are self conscious about. But, in the end, she said it’s “just a game”. Also she told me that she thinks Elizabeth got voted worst boob job because she would comment to everyone that she was unhappy with the results of her boob job. She thinks Gwen got voted dumbest only because she didn’t talk with everyone very much and played the game very low key.

When asked what she was the most surprised about, Krisily said, “Obviously after my exit, for Dave to say that I wasn’t classy really surprised me, they all know me and I am a woman of my word and I will say it and not think twice about it.” I have to admit that I was really shocked that he said that about her final statement too.

Krisily says that she doesn’t regret making that statement one bit. She said that each week when people are voted out, they have the opportunity to talk and say something after they are voted out, and of course they showed hers because she addressed everyone as a group.

She says that she wants Peyton to win because “She’s a good genuine person. She’s played the game with nothing but respect.” Krisily also said that she would like to stay friends with Peyton once the show is over.

Be sure to check back tomorrow. I’ll have the full transcript posted so you can read everything Krisily said. She talks about which bachelor she wishes would have been inside the “Bachelor Pad” and what’s next for her once the show is over! She also comments on the relationships between Tenley and Kiptyn, and Elizabeth and Kovacs.

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