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Kovacs and Kiptyn Start to Treat Their Ladies Right!

It looks like some light bulbs finally went on over a couple of the guys' heads this week.  Kiptyn and Kovacs finally decided to stop playing it cool and treat their ladies right.  Meantime, Jesse B. could take some lessons from them!



This week the show begins right where we left off.  Wes is so upset about Gia getting voted off the show.  He's now in a hate/hate relationship with Dave.  Dave calls him a jackass and Wes is like, what's up with that?  Dave says, "What are you going to do about it?"  To Wes' credit, he just blows him off, even though he would really like to box him and beat him up in front of everyone.




Then, it's survey time!  The contestants take some time answering some very personal and potentially hurtful questions about each other. 




Later, Chris Harrison and Melissa Roycroft come out and they line all of the contestants up.  They are supposed to answer the questions and they thing the rest of the group answered them.  So you have to keep in mind their answers here are not necessarily what they answered on their own survey, it's what they think everyone else answered. 




I'll now run down the questions and tell you what the most popular answer was.



Who will win? Kiptyn


Who is your biggest enemy? Krisily


Who is the dumbest? Gwen


Who do you have a secret crush on? Dave


Who will always be a bridesmaid and never a bride? Natalie


Who is the biggest Jerk in the house? Wes


Who has the worst boob job? Elizabeth



Jesse B won out of the guys, and Tenley won out of the girls.  They each get a rose and they get to pick someone to go on a one on one date with.  Hmm, wonder who they'll pick?



Meantime, back inside the pad, a few of the girls were quite upset about the results of the survey.  Gwen was hurt and teared up over the fact that everyone in the house voted that she was the dumbest.  I have met her in person, and she is far from dumb.  I really don't get how they got that impression of her at all.  But like one of the guys said, it's not necessarily that people think she's that dumb, it's just they HAD to put someone's name down.




Then, Gwen goes into the bathroom and comforts Natalie, who is sobbing.  She was extremely hurt that everyone thought she would never get married.  She said, "It's my ultimate goal in life, I want that very badly."  Poor Natalie.  It made her rethink her overly flirty ways and maybe that's a good thing.  Hopefully she can have a heart-to-heart with Dave at some point to make sure he sees her in a serious way.




In a nearby closet, Elizabeth is crying.  Kovacs knocks on the door and joins her on the floor.  He tells her she is beautiful and that there is nothing wrong with her boobs.  She feels super embarrassed and just doesn't want to go back out in the house.  Kovacs finally realizes that although Elizabeth is a strong woman, every woman wants to feel beautiful, loved and appreciated.  LIGHT BULB!  Duh!



Next, it's time for some one on one dates!  Tenley picks Kiptyn (of course) to go zip lining with her on Catalina Island.  The funniest thing to me is that they took a helicopter out to the island, and Kiptyn is like, "This is my first time in a helicopter." 


I thought it was a requirement that every single one of these people be taken on a helicopter ride.  My goodness, they seem to be pulling out the helicopter more and more on these Bachelor/Bachelorette shows! 




They have a fun time zip lining and really bond during their alone time.  Kiptyn later tells her that he has strong feelings for her, and it's not just a one-sided thing.  FINALLY, they kiss! 



He basically agrees to quit ignoring her in the house, but also doesn't want to appear too lovey-dovey in front of everyone.  Then, they have a very nice dinner on the beach and go of to do whatever inside the fantasy suite.




Back at the house, Kovacs finally realizes that love is worth more than money and it lasts a lot longer too (most of the time).  He tells Elizabeth that he just wants to see her happy, and never wants her to be as upset as she was earlier that day.  They go into the hot tub and make out for a while.


Now, it's time for Jesse's one on one date and he picks Peyton!  Things are still on a high from their date last week at the race track.  This week, they take a bi-plane ride and both find it exhilarating. 



They have so much, but that is short-lived.  He starts off good by giving her the rose right off the bat, but then things take a turn for the worse.  They drink champagne and martinis and Jesse is just like an annoying little boy.  He starts burping in her face, picking her nose (yes, can you believe it) and just teasing her overall.  Then he pulls out the fantasy suite card, and he's astonished when she suggests they just go to their individual rooms.  How stupid.  He completely blew it! 



Everyone at the house notices a distance between them when they get back from their date.  They all expected a love connection mostly, and that is not at all what walked though the door.  Everyone knows things are pretty much over when they learn that they didn't go to the fantasy suite together.



The elimination is fast approaching and the housemates start talking strategy.  The guys agree to vote off either Krisily or Gwen.  The girls are going after Kovacs and Wes.  In the end, it is Krisily and Wes who are sent packing.  Krisily is beyond mad at everyone because she feels that Dave lied right to her face.  She should just deal with it.  She was building up her "kiss" with Dave during the kissing competition as some kind of beginning to a relationship.  It was just a contest.  He is already with Natalie, and she just didn't realize that.  I think Wes half-expected to go home.  Hopefully he and Gia will reconnect at the finale!



Next week, things get really tense in the house when 3 ladies get eliminated!



Hugs, Kisses & Roses,

Jennifer Matarese


P.S. Ali got robbed!  She and/or Roberto would have been great on "Dancing with the Stars"!


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